Monday, May 9, 2011

Monday Must Have Series....Kate Nevin

1.Lem Lem  adama dress from Barney's as a coverup
2. TOMS vs. flops
3. Beach bag by kit and lili
4. Balayage highlights from Lauren at Stella Nova (charleston)- "the closest I will ever get to     
    looking like Gisele on the beach!  Balayage is the best way to get highlights in the 
    summer - looks effortless - like you really have natural sunkissed hair.  the beach hair my 
5. Artforum magazine for beach reading                                                                                           
6. Neutrogena Ultra sheer dry-touch Sunblock SPF 30                                                       
7.Nerea Scarf from Calypso

Kate Nevin is a jack of all trades! She's a mother of two beautiful children (happy belated mother's day to Kate and all you mothers reading this! a little carried away being a mother my self, forgot to wish you all the same.... FORGIVE PLEASE )  She is a portfolio manager for a fund of hedge funds (finance! left brain ) but her right brain requires just as much attention so she designs dresses on the side.  She's dedicates a good bit of her time to the arts - board member of Halsey Institute of Contemporary Art.  Here's a recent article from Skirt on Kate!   
But did I mention I know Kate from Yoga?!!  The girl can stand on her brain to top it off and in style and all:)

her picks are great for us busy mom's running around all of the you have fovorites??


  1. Gorgeous ! Love the lem lem dress and balayage hair !!


  2. Great picks! Will have to remember the Balayage highlights!

  3. thanks for your comments girls! I have been thinking of this kind of highlight too but want my hair to grow some first. and Lem Lem dresses are awesome! I just then at Barney's and they make a perfect coverup!