Friday, December 31, 2010

New Year's resolution & goal list...

 Paperback, 208 pages, Princeton Architectural Press, 2010. $16.47 at Amazon.Lists at Amazon

Happy last day of the year darlings! I'm a list person!  I love the feeling of a checked item off a list...which rarely happens because I keep adding to the list during the day or week and the list seems to go on forever, AHHHHHH
So i'll keep my list of New Year's resolutions short and sweet...(not easy by any means)  I also have a lot of items on my goal list, which is less of a resolution but a result of more hard work and some luck!  Some are too much to share, because I'm afraid of what you may think and then you'll never read this blog again..EEEKKKK
What are your goals and resolutions?? Any tips on how to make mine easier to accomplish?  

RESOLUTIONS:  Check this list during the year! POST IT!

1. Healthy Diet / Exercise through the year- keep to my healthy diet/exercise routine with one cheat day 
    a week of something "bad" 
    (I shall expand on this one soon.  Stay within 3 lbs to your goal weight all year (unless of course wish  
     #4 happens...then I'll have new goals about the Diet.)
2. Manage time better- 9-5 as much as possible & no weekends unless during trade.
3. More play time with Elle.
3. Stick to our new business model and exceed our goals!
4. Decorate out NYC pad till it's completely satisfying and finished- keep only the things we need
5. See 3 Broadway shows 
6. See 2 Ballets with Elle (Swan Lake and Nutcraker )
7. Celebrate my 30th b-day with close family and friends & in STYLE!
8. Blog once a week. 
9. Learn how to use my new FANTASTIC camera.
10. Finally get some followers for this blog of mine....hey I least I got it started:)  thanks AMY:)

1. Have our line sold in 4 continents.
2. Add Net-a-porter to our list of stores!!! 
3. Walk the nose on my new surfboard:)
4. Have a baby in my belly by the end of next year:)

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Merry Christmas!!!

Our holiday card designed by the talented Hanna Nation from GADABOUT

So....we finally finished unpacking, re-packing and sending our 2011 inventory.  The last two nights were spent working like little elves past 2am to get it all to the shops asap!  WHEEW
Thank Goodness to our wonderful intern from the past who was willing to help out!  Leah you are the best!!! 
Now it's time to prepare for Christmas Eve, I'm making some traditional non-meat dishes from Poland.  Pierogi & Barszcz...the pierogis are filled with mushrooms and onions and the barszcz is made from red beets and is oh soooooo delish!!!  It's very time consuming so it's reserved for special occasions only...looks like I'll be up till 2 again, especially because I still need to wrap all gifts.  
I'm so happy we are spending the holiday home for once! no driving all over the east coast this year!
I do wish we were in Poland celebrating my parents 50th anniversary of their meeting but I hope I'll catch them on SKYPE to break bread on Christmas Eve. (another Polish tradition)

After Christmas we are off to Costa Rica to visit my sister in law and see the YOGA retreat she is almost finished building. I hope santa brings me a good camera so I can document our trip and share with you later!  Can't wait to try out the new collection myself!
Have a beautiful holiday!!!

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Monday, December 13, 2010

The time of giving...part 3 KID much do we love them?  The mostest!!!  That's why we want to give them the moon.  In my opinion less is more.  They will appreciate their presents to a greater extent, especially if they are well selected and great quality!  My precious KID is a girl so these are a little girly, but if you click on the links you'll be sure to find some tougher ones for your little man.  Enjoy!

1. Wooden Doll house with furniture by Plan Toys $206
2. Personalized play date cards by Felix Doolittle $30
3.Charlie baby doll and  by BlaBla $36 - $65
4. Band in a Box $36 on sale!
5. Extra clothes for the BlaBla doll....6.Books by Mo Willems $6.29 - $ 10.49...

Thursday, December 9, 2010

The time of giving part 2... LADIES in your life

Gift for all the ladies in your life...

1.Givenchy mascara $29  my new fav!    
2. Master of Fashion Illustration by David Downton $50, David has his own blog about this master piece.   For the fashionista!     
3. Panettone $39.35 this is to die for with tea or coffee in the morning during the holidays, I know I hope my husband reads this posing and gets me one...I've been so so good:)       
4. BAND AID by my friend Cynthia Rowley $10  perfect stuffer
5. Orgasm duo by Nars...the best bronzer/blush out there, and who wouldn't want to have that glow all day long? Perfect for a sister-in-law or BFF.
6. Kate Davis personalized bracelet/necklace around $99 contact Kate to put your baby, dog, anyone's name on the little gold bar.  You can do multiples if you have several names.  I love the Indian feel of this piece.  Thank you Kate for making this for me!
7. The Laundress $12-$30 The eco-chic, deliciously smelling, and beautiful home cleaning products. This collection makes any home chore so much more enjoyable.  They got me hooked on their laundry line too! Thank you Lindsey and Gwen for creating this amazing Brand!

Monday, December 6, 2010

The time of giving part 1...HUBBY

I LOVE giving gifts!!! Present wrapping is one of my favorite activities...I know I'm  one of the few! To help me or any of you with a surfer husband/boyfriend/brother, I created a little guide.  He is the hardest person to shop for on my list.  He'll say "I don't need anything"....does yours do that?
From the top:  "the history of surfing"- beautiful book that any water baby will like.
The photograph of my husband to be framed (ok this one is more for me...oops) shot by Terry Manier
Rosle fish tweezers for my wonderful chef
Custom made boardshorts by Sundek
Apple TV so we can get rid of comcast for good!  Anything from apple he'll love really.
his favorite j-crew broken in t-shirts and sweatshirt.....he always needs these soft cotton wears
I hope he's happy with my ideas on Christmas Eve...that's right... I'm Polish and we receive presents from the "STAR" on Christmas Eve.  I'm keeping this tradition alive in our home, but I'll save something for the morning as well.  HAPPY HOLIDAYS EVERYONE!!!! xoxo-Marysia

Friday, December 3, 2010


So it's TRUE!  Marysia is on the designer list at BARNEY'S.   YIPEEEE HOORAYYY LOL
Turning 30 in a couple months keeps looking better as my dreams are becoming reality!
Now don't waist any more time...GO see for yourself and SHOP for the little ones in your life! xoxo-m