Monday, April 25, 2011

Monday Must Have Series...Amy Flurry

I met Amy Flurry at this DIY Public Relations Seminar she tough in Athens, GA.  
This class was the greatest thing I've done to educate myself about how PR works. 
She teaches it from her point of view, as she's an editor and now too a designer. 
(can't you tell from her summer picks above??)
Its a great class to take no matter if you're a one person show or a bigger business owner
who has in-house PR's great to know what the do's and don'ts are. You can 
contact her through her website if you are interested....i highly recommend it!
As she started her Paper Cut Project of gorgeous paper couture pieces, she began to think 
of how to share this exciting new art with others, and how lucky she was to know the editor'sside. Now she shares her experiences with other enterpenuers who are willing to go to 
Athen's for the class. She is doing something right as her paper head dresses have been 
gracing the windows of Hermes and Cartier boutiques. I trust her...wouldn't you???
If you do decide to go....visit The National restaurant for dinner....delish!!!

Monday, April 18, 2011

Monday Must Have Series...Sally King Benedict

oh Sally....where can I start?  This girl has talent steaming out of her ears:) She's an incredible artist and her style is sense unlike many people I know.   Everything from her paintings, clothes, home decor, art collection, and hair is fantastic!  I know what you are thinking now....she must be a bit*h!'s to the contrary..she's sweet as pie and does it all with such grace, you can't help but love her. 
To read more about Sally and see her work, visit her website:
the below is Sally's wish list for this summer....i spy a few things to add to my own list, what about you?

Cynthia Rowley towel $58  nars shiap lipstick $24  j.crew panama hat $58  A good read Elements of Style$5.74 bumble and bumble beach hair spray $22.99  pucci beauty case $190 euro  marysia swim suit:)  $209 
and the below beach painting is by Sally...incase you can't get away and you can have the beach right there in your own home:)  I added this to her list as i LOVE IT soooooo much!
for price inquires go to her website.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

LUCKY KIDS Launch party at Stella McCartney NYC...

Last night we had the honor to join the LUCKY team to celebrate the launch of their new KIDS magazine!  The Stella McCartney store in the meatpacking district is beautiful and the clothes to die for.  The party was SO FUN and and my little girl got to come too.  They had a talented face painter, cute balloon tying clown girl, photo booth, and much more! Can't wait to read LUCKY KIDS magazine quaterly! u?

Monday, April 11, 2011

Monday Must Have Series...Haskell Harris

Do you remember Haskell Harris? She is the first industry insider to share her summer "must haves" .  Haskell is an editor of Garden and Gun who also writes a charming blog for the magazine called Belle Decor.  She has this love for all  things beautiful and tells the story behind them, oh so well.
I will continue this series through this summer each Monday so incase you get inspired you have time to shop before your next beach/pool weekend.  I know I'm interested to see what these cool ladies summer stuff looks like :)  What about you?

1. DVF romper cover up in indigo linen
2. Ombre Ray-Ban's
4. Land's End Rugby Towel
5. Roost liquid bronze cuff
6. Utility Canvas tote
7. Sam Edelman Gigi flats
8. Essie in imported bubbly
9. A little art for inside the beach house by Cheryl Maeder
10. Jets by Jessica Allen hermes orange swimsuit

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Charleston Fashion

So all in all CFW was better then ever!  I was so tired after every day full of activities, pre parties, after parties I barely had time to sleep...but enough about the old lady...the best part was all that talent!  Most of 16 designers presented nice collections, but some really stood out! The winner of course, Charlotte Hess stole the show with a great show and so much talent in the knits department!  Everything about the show was great, and her charesmatic presence had everyone fall in love with her on stage.  A more polished "ready for retail" designer was Cody Sai. I hope the best for this young, slightly shy man...i can just see his collection hanging on the shelfs so some great boutiques....he is most ready to take this to another level in my opinion.
One that didn't get enough credit was Thea Canlas and this model (pic above)....I mean that face!  I can just see her on a PRADA ad.  Thea had some wonderful ideas and interesting pattern matches but if she'd only had a little help in the styling department, her collection would have stood out more. Presenting a coheisive collection is key!  Especially when all you can show is 8 looks...
if you want to read more about the emerging or featured designers go to the official CFW page.
What a great week!

Monday, April 4, 2011

Love story...

This video by Michael Bastian for GRANT's Spring/Summer 2011 collection is SICK!!! (in a good way)  Not only was it shot in my favorite hotel in South Beach (The Raleigh)...but I had a similar situation happen on April 3th 2003.  That's right!!!  Happy Engagement Anniversary Nathaniel!!!
  This video speaks to my heart as well of my creative's video perfection to me.  The styling is amazing!  Don't you just want to go book a mini vacation there and have that room service with your honey??   that cake looks so delicious, YUMMY
 If only we didn't need to be in LA in a couple days, I would go there and do that in a second!  Maybe in a couple years for anniversary #10.....hope the hubby reads my blog...hint hint

Where did you get engaged?  Anyone else South Beach on Spring break???