Monday, August 29, 2011

Labor day SALE!

Our once a year SALE is here!  Type in LBDsale for 40% off at checkout.
Happy Labor Day Shopping!

PS.  I'm off to the beach to catch those hurricane waves with my hubby. 
 I promise to post party pictures soon:) xoxo-Marysia

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Opening party...

We are having our Opening Party today for everyone who helps us run this joint! From Press to Friends!
Don't you worry, we'll be having a Fashion Night Out event too so everyone can come and SHOP on SEPTEMBER 8th, 6-8pm:)
Nathaniel is making Sushi and I'm off to pick up fresh flowers and Proseco... I'll post pictures tomorrow or the next day I promise:) Wish I could have my whole Charleston supportive friends crew here...miss you know who you are! xoxo-m

Monday, August 22, 2011


Happy Monday morning to ya!
It's a busy week ahead but I'm so happy and thankful to the last week we spend in our family's home in Rehoboth beach, DE.  The rest and sun were much needed, we didn't want to come back.  We spend time with my parents and said goodbye to my two nieces who went back to home land...POLAND....I miss them so much already they are like my own children and I wish I could keep the two beauties. We also got to spend some fun times with my husbands family and meet their two friends.  I love the Henelopen Acres beach with the club and chairs/'s a true luxury!
As much as I love summer and never want it to leave...the fall fashion is on my mind:)  Shoes in particular. Which do you think I should get for this fall???  I'm going to wear the Converse ones to the photoshoot I'm doing with LindseyBelle today!  What do you think of the new slim sole?
stay tuned:) XOXO-Marysia
1. Alexander Wang Ashley ankle booties  2. Sam Edelman Alvin smoking slipper flats 3. Isabel Marant Manly suede and leather knee boots 4. Converse Slim high tops 5. Loeffler Randall Serena platform bootie

Friday, August 19, 2011

Fall/Winter Wish List...

1. Mark Jacobs polka dots, 2. 3.1 Philip Lim  glam sweat pants, 3. FUR image by the Satorialist, 4. Big rings-YSL  , 5.  I'm sorry but I cannot find these??  anyone? 6. Alexander Wang Bootie,  7. Loeffler Randal Pointy pump, 8, everything on this image by the Satorialist is the snake skin pants and the skull bracelets...skulls symbolize mortality and reincarnation and is my little Yogi tidbit for ya:)

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Taking care of your SWIMSUIT...

My friend and children's clothing designer Barbara Beach ( yes I'm purely friends with her beacause  of her last name..HA HA) recently blogged about the art of SWIMSUIT CARE!  It's true...if you want your swimsuit to last you need to take care of it!  The best swim wash is our SWIMWASH we collaborated on with THE LAUNDRESS. Thank you Barbara for this cute post featuring our swim line!  These suits are 2 years old and still look like new..GOOD WORK GIRL!
Are you a freak about caring for your pricey items?
I enjoy hand-washing myswim suits after a day at the pool or ocean. It's an art, you know?  There is something really satisfying about taking care of really nice things. Next up... cleaning makeup brushes... something that I should do every day but don't.

Monday, August 15, 2011


Today is my hubby's birthday!!!  Happy birthday to my soul mate and best friend!  I love you more then words can say and I feel so lucky to have you love me back and believe in me and make me a better person!

Friday, August 12, 2011

Back to school shopping... little girl

1.Cashmere shorts... 2. Shirt dress... 3. Booties... 4. POMPOM Hair clips... 5. Denim tunic... 6.Sweet Knee tights... 7. Leather jacket ( i already scored this for 75% off) !!!  I have the camel version:)

I know I must be one of a million who love to SHOP back to school for their little baby girl...  I KNOW!!  She's 4 but she requires no less attention when it comes to her wardrobe. We can really funk it up a bit more this year because we live in NYC and choices are endless... and people won't look at us funny with matching leather jackets and converse!  I swear I need to put 1/2 the effort into my own closet but for now I enjoy this so much more:) I want to share with you!  I take quality over quantity any day that why this selection process is MUCHO IMPORTANTE...EH? We don't have a lot of space in out little italy loft so I try to pick things that will go with lots of others in the here we go color story 1...I'll be back for more don't you worry my little bloggies:) xoxo-Marysia

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Bathing News Press for new collection...

Do you read Bathing News Blog??  If you are reading this little blog of mine... you must love SUMMER, SUN, and SWIMSUITS  and Sweet Tala who's the author of Bathing News only adds to this lust list by adding Mermaids too:)  Year round she finds the best swimsuit related editorials and interviews swimwear designers from the whole world.  Tala is also a contributing writer for FOAM MAGAZINE! 
 She stopped by our showroom in Miami and here is her post about us below. 
Did I mention she looks like a swimsuit mermaid herself ?!?  
It was so great to meet you in person Tala and thanks so much for your kind words!  

sunshine, rainbows, and smiles!!! 



high quality, flattering fit, details like no other, sophisticated, with a ballet background! girly, girly, girly of soothing calm colors. you can also do a mommy n "bumby" with perfectly sweet little boys and girls suits. i died when is saw these!!! i already know some who will buy these and don't even have a child yet! i heart marysia swim! xxx

Monday, August 8, 2011


Hi Bloggies!  Happy Monday to you!  I had a nice relaxing weekend at the beach with the fam..U?
The kiddos in my family are the biggest supporters of my work and they wouln't ever be cought in anything else but Marysia SWIM or Marysia BUMBY at the beach....and look how cute they are?!?!?!
The boys are just too big for the BUMBY shorts but all girls are proudly wearing Marysia.

Oh..the monday must have series is over...aren't you done shopping for all things summer? Even though I'll never be over the summer and beach, I am looking forward to a FALL in the city
...something more up that alley will start on this blog soon:)
Have a great Monday!!!  xoxo-m

Friday, August 5, 2011

Can't help but to brag a little...

About my beautiful friends Sally Benedict Read and Haskell Harris.  In this month's Garden and Gun magazine, Haskell co-produced an article about the 17 young southern women who are reinventing the notion of the southern belle, including my beautiful friend Sally below.  Congratulations ladies! What an interesting, lovely article and look at that face...I mean...isn't she a belle!!?? 
To say the least!

Happy weekend!!!

Monday, August 1, 2011

Monday Must Have Series....Megan Gonzales

Megan is one talented graphic designer! I found her through her blog MaeMaePaperie  and fell in love with her asthetic. She doesn't take too many outside project but she took me in and I'm so glad!  I love the new spin she helped me put on some of my branding pieces...a little more bold and a little more modern.  She mostly does wedding projects and is starting her own wedding stationary line...available in September ( not to worry I will give you a heads up) I hope she branches out to more thing as I myself don't plan to get married again...hehe  Hope you enjoy our Monday Series expert today as much as I do...LOVE!  check out her website HERE!

1. Beyonce's 4 album. you have to watch this video of the making of her album. I've watched it 4 times. Inspiring for all creative females (and business owners!)

2. Kate Spade notecards. Brilliant cards to send to a friend for having you over for a dinner party. Cheeky yet classy.

3. Jill Sander skirt. Her last collection was beyond beyond beyond. I love the styling in this photo as well.

4. Eberjay Colette Bra. Amazing underneath something sheer. Best by itself though...

5. Olimpia Zagnoli's illustrations. I can't get enough of Jill Sander's last collection and a framed piece from Olimpia Zagnoli in my bedroom would be perfection.

6. Diane Von Furstenberg iPhone case in hot pink. Purchasing today. LOVE. Gotta look chic texting away.

7. Alessi Calumet watch in orange. I love the simplicity and boldness of this watch. It feels feminine - but not soft.

8. Covergirl LipPerfection. Best lipstick - EVER. And I've tried them all. Who knew you could buy it at TARGET for $5! Stays on all day, not drying, and the compliments won't stop when you're wearing it. I have it in their two brightest shades - Spellbound (bright pink) and Flame (hot red).

9. Miu Miu glitter + suede bow peep toe. What's not to love! The shape is brilliant, the mix of warm leather and girly glitter is perfection. The heel is sturdy and not sky-high so you can actually wear these all day with something more toned down.

10. Marysia Swim Sardina maillot. The most fashionable take on the classic red swim suit. Watch out, Pamela. And PS it's reversible! Come to mama!