Thursday, March 31, 2011

Swimsuit review...

I promise I will continue with my Charleston Fashion Week posts once I get a little more organized
( remember the move?  still in it..eeek) but for now I want to share this video of an obsessed Marysia SWIM fan!  I'm so happy to be among the awesome brands that Breanne Berg loves.  She is so beautiful and cute it's hard not to watch this video all the way through:)  She has an online jewelry and accessories store called BASICO..go check it out and get blog too...
In the last 3 years I have heard from some of these girls who absolutely love swimwear ...are you in the same club with Breanne? Do tell

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Charleston Fashion Week day 1...

Sooo last night was the first night of Charleston Fashion Week's emerging designer competition.  Congratulations to all four designers who competed! You all were really great and talented designers, sadly not everyone can win and it was so hard to vote.  I know from my own experience that this WIN can make a huge change is someone's life...especially this year when the price is HUGE!

And the winner is.......  Veritee Hill The designer winner of the day!  She moves forward in the competition and will show again on Saturday night!
The drapping on this skirt by Van Hoang was stunning!  Great work!!! I want!
A look from Sarah Parrott show....i want this too! by Cyle Seusz from VENT magazine

The adorable moment from  one featured designer Barbara Beach's show beautifully captured
by Cyle Seusz from
VENT magazine
Beautiful and stylish Chassity from Look Linger and Love in Jimmy Choo shoes to die for! 
photo by: Diana Deaver 
Barbara at the end of her AMAZING show! photo by Cyle Seusz from VENT magazine

Mingling before the shows with designer Lindsey Carter of TROUBADOR..her show is tonight!!! 

Two of the most stylist boys in Charleston... Jefferey Rodes and William Cullum
Ed Kavishe of FAHION WIRE PRESS and I
Opening act  of  Benjamin Starr and Quiana Parler who gave me goosbumps with her powerful voice
Ruth "Ruthie" Apker in my favorite look of the night by Jamie Lin Sneider

and  this is how it ended:)  my hubby and I couldn't help ourself

Monday, March 21, 2011

Charleston Fashion Week....what to wear?

Charleston Fashion week starts tomorrow!!!
 I'm so excited to be judging this year and all I need to worry about is what to wear???
My lovely friend Chassity over at Look Linger Love asked me to do a post together and get our readers to vote which outfit we should wear to the opening night tomorrow.  She's a great blogger and I have a thing or two to learn from her talent so follow her and you'll see.
Thanks so much to Chassity and all her readers for voting...please leave me a note to say which is your favorite...  A or B then go to her blog and help her out as well.
Big Thank you!!!  I can't wait to tell you all about the first night.
Check out all the emerging designers here to read all about the 16 selected designers to compete this week.  LOTS OF LUCK TO YOU ALL!!!
A- opening ceremony dress with loeffler randall shoes, philip lim necklace from VAN JEAN and vintage bracelet from Balboa jewelry.
B- vintage bow top from Library, shorts by cynthia rowley, LAMB shoes, and TOP SHOP jacket. 

Thursday, March 10, 2011


We are so lucky for the talented Paul Costello to document out little life here with these photographs.

It's such a bittersweet feeling when you find out your house has sold and even though you've been waiting for this day forever, it's sad.  I'm overwhelmed with emotions of leaving this house in Folly Beach that we've called our home for the last 6 years....
I think of the many, many happy moments lived here, our first home as a married couple. Our daughter was born here!  I labored in this very shower for hours before heading for the hospital, where she was born 24 hours later. (I KNOW!!! she took her sweet time) I got a new puppy here who loves to run to the beach with me most mornings. 
The trying moments with the business and marriage were here too. We lost our beloved dog named Bear who lived a happy life of 14, here on his bed.
 I found many many inspirational, lovely people here who helped me so much to carry on with my little dream.  Thank you all, you know who you are:)
  I will miss this home, this city, and the people....hope you'll have me back for a visit:)

Today I say goodbye to my home and hello to new adventures in New York City!

not so fast ...I'm staying in Sullivan's beach for the next two weeks to attend Charleston Fashion Week...look out for my post about it all soon.  Sweet Chassity from LOOK LINGER and LOVE and I will do a little post together to get help from our stylish readers on what to wear to the opening night.... This will be fun don't you think?

Monday, March 7, 2011

Red and rose...

This blush, rosy pink is my favorite color (if you haven't notices yet)..hehe  that and the aqua....of course the logo of my label gives that away....but anywhoo...i love to find new ways of how to mix these colors in my collection and these images above have inspired me lately.  Are you a fan of these colors?  How do you feel about this color in a swimsuit???

clockwise:  anja rubik & lily donaldson from fashion gone rogue, pink drink from the coco and kelly blog ( they have this awesome coctails at six section that they pair with a wonderful photograph and a receipt for the coctail..go cheak it out if you haven't already..YUM!
the australian beauty Rachael Taylor in chloe pants , 

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Jewelry giveaway...

Here is your chance to win one of my favorite jewelry designer's GOLD and DIAMONDS!!!  Jane is not only a talented designer but also a great of mine, and a big supporter of my business.  She is a new mom and has the most adorable, giggly little boy...i just love him!  She has sponsored me twice at the Miami's Mercedes Benz Fashion Week.   Sooo.....go on give her some support and lovin too:)
Become a fan by clicking on the image above and cross your fingers:)
Go to see more on her website.
Good Luck!  xoxo-Marysia