Friday, March 30, 2012

Happy Birthday Baby!

Today is my little girl's's been so amazing to see her grow and acquire such a personality. No words can say how much I love this child....only other parents can understand.  I wish for everyone to have a child and experience this kind of LOVE.

Monday, March 26, 2012

Easter is coming...

A few of the foods we used to create some of our favorite colors....

Red Cabbage, Boiling Water, & Vinegar ~ Robin's Egg Blue
Blueberries & Water ~ Bluish-Gray Eggs
Tumeric, Boiling Water, and Vinegar~ Mustard Yellow Eggs
Brewed Coffee ~ Golden Brown Eggs
Beets, Boiling Water, & Vinegar ~ Pale Pink Eggs

I can't help myself but to share these awesome food coloring ideas for Easter eggs.  I found them this morning on Simple Song's blog.  I had the honor of meeting Suanne while in DC during the southern tour.  She is so great, check her out and you'll be following no doubt. I will tell you more about the tour soon...have to catch up with work and fam first...
 I don't like to use the artificial food coloring they sell with the cute decorating kits....especially if you plan to eat the egg.... you know?  My mom  used onion skins to boil the eggs with and the color turned out brown...i would scratch designs in it...but this is so much more fun, don't you think?..sorry mama...gonna have to out do you on this one:)  hehe
The eggs were done by the blogger Dreamy Whites...check out the blog post about the whole thing and see more photos by Heather Bullard in the Souvenir magazine.

I'll be in Hong Kong for Easter but I hope some of you will be give this a

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

ATHENS, GA show today...

Hello Pretty Peaches!  
Jane and are on our way to Athens, GA today for a trunkshow hosted by two talented ladies...
Amy Flurry and Tami Ramsay.  The event will take place in the newly re designed home of Tami Ramsay, who is an interior and floral designer!  I can't wait to see her home and the flowers:)  Amy Flurry taught me alot about PR the first time I visited Athens, GA for her DIY PR class.  She  recently released her book about all the PRESS needs for small business owners and startups.  I am going to buy some for your lucky people in my life who need a little help in the PR department....
don't we all?

Monday, March 19, 2012

COLUMBIA SC, Vanjean trunkshow today...

 After a nice weekend in Charleston I'm back on the road and so excited to visit the very first boutique to carry my collection.  Jane and I will be at Vanjean today from 12-7.  Come let me help you find the perfect bikini and cover up for this spring/summer.  After today we only have two more stops on the southern tour.  Check out the map and instagram for more information.
Happy Monday everyone!

Friday, March 16, 2012


Looking forward to the  PEARL trunkshow today with Lindsey from TROUBADOR !!!
Can't wait to see my Charleston friends!  It's been a year since I moved away from Charleston, so I'm excited to be back for a visit!!!
 The collection will be at the chic boutique PEARL all weekend but I'll see you there at 3-7 today!

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Thursday, March 15, 2012

Heyward & Hanna FLORENCE,!!!

My #5 stop on the Southern tour is Heyward and Hanna!  Jane went to Charleston for a wedding and I'm meeting another jewelry designer friend  from THEODOSIA here today 12-6. I'm looking forward to this stop as I love the devoted customers here and the Valentino bags to drool over...that goodness I gave up shopping for lent and I'm sticking to it:)  practicing self control....:)  See you there Florence girls!
Looking forward to PEARL on Friday with Lindsey from TROUBADOR!!!
We'll be in Charlotte tomorrow!  Can't wait to see Coral and meet Charlotte's stylin ladies!
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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Coral, Charlotte trunkshow tomorrow...

We'll be in Charlotte tomorrow!  Can't wait to see Coral and meet Charlotte's stylin ladies!
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Monday, March 12, 2012

Fleur, Raleigh trunkshow tomorrow...

We'll be in Raleigh tomorrow!  Can't wait to see Fleur and meet the great owner of the store Eliza.
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Friday, March 9, 2012

MaeMae new wedding collection trunk show...

The woman behind my recent graphic design is launching her new wedding stationary collection and is having a trunk show for all the Southern California paper lovers @ my favorite paper shop in Venice beach. If you happen to be there on March 17th..GO GO GO!  Megan is awesome and her creations, beautiful.  I love working with her...she's an inspiration to be around!  If you are in the wedding business you must check her out. MAEMAE PAPERIE  if you are not in cali nor in the wedding business there is plenty everyday stationary and address stams you'll want and you can buy it all on her site too!

I'm off on the southern tour tomorrow, heading to DC to have a trunk show on Sunday 2-5 and pick up Jane.  I won't be posting for a while so if you miss me follow along on it here for your's free!

Monday, March 5, 2012


I love love love my new city NYC but now that I'm away from the south I miss it a bit.  I miss the friends I left behind, the stores who first started carrying my line, and the weather!  I'm so excited to show the new collection and see the friends!!!  Jane of jane pope collection & balboa is native to SC but lives in DC...I'm picking her on the way because road trip alone would be well...lonely.
Click on the peachy store names to find out more about each event and location.
Hope to see you along the way!
RSVP here

March 11th. Washington, DC...this is a private show, you gotta be invited! Contact me if you want to 
                      come but didn't receive the invitation yet...we'd love to see you

March 12th.  Richmond, VA QUIRK GALLERY Katie Ukrop owns this cool gallery on Broad..can't 
                     wait! & I get to see family here:):)

March 13th. Raleigh, NC  FLEUR I can't wait to meet Eliza the owner who's carried my line for 2 years now but never met. Hope my old friend from HS comes to see me here too.

March 14th. Charlotte, NC CORAL  this is a new store for me but it looks awesome and the girls there 
                    are super nice!   We have another friend Lindsey, the designer of TROUBADOUR joining 
                    us here. Can't wait to meet you all in Charlotte and check out Jane's fav Vientnamese place 
                    for dindin.

March 15th. Florence, SC HEYWARD AND HANNA Jane is off to a wedding and I'm meeting another jewelry designer friend THEODOSIA here with the sweet Anne!  Hope to see her boy all grown up and the regular customers who always come:)

March 16th. Charleston, SC PEARL this is such a cool boutique and I adore the buyer Laura..she's so great to work with.  Lindsey will be here as well with TROUBIE...our nickname for her line TROUBADOUR.

March 19th. Columbia, SC VANJEAN a place close to my heart...the very first boutique to carry my line and now I like to think of the as family...they have supported me since the beginning so it will be so good to be here again.  My very first trunk show was here as well..with Jane!

March 20th. Athens,GA AMY FLURRY & TAMI RAMSAY  are the ladies hosting the event.  I met Amy when taking her DIY PR class...remember here?  Tami Ramsay is an interior designer who's opening up her home for this event...see the Southern hospitality?  Can't wait to meet her and all the people who come to see us.  Athens is is so quaint with many vintage shops to run around for inspiration I can't wait to have a lookie.

March 21st. Atlanta, GA MORGAN KYLEE my friend Sally Benedict Read is the one to set this up..I can't wait to see this new amazing store and meet the woman behind it, Morgan...soo exciting!  and speaking of Sally, you must take a look at her prego self in the Matchbook Magazine this month....galeeee so so pretty, the house, the girl, everything. 

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