Monday, October 31, 2011

Monday Muse...AMALFI

1| A little vintage suit board I found on Pinterest 2| Amalfi bikini- sold seperately, available in three colors. The bottom looks great with the St. Tropez top also 3| DIY from Creatures comforts 
4| I just love this shot

Meet AMALFI inspired by the beautiful coast of the Mediterrean and  the beautiful shell colors. If you are not a fan of these colors in a swimsuit, we offer it in two others: seafoam and black. 
Which color do you like best?

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Montauk surf trip...

Remember when we went chasing the surf after hurricane Irene left the city?  Ditch Plains is my favorite beach in America and the surf was.........too big for moi:(  Nathaniel though, was in heaven and surfed 5 times a day.  This place is heaven for people like us.  It's where surf and fashion worlds meet.  People like Cynthia Rowley via (Refinery29) and Garance Dore and her *boyfriend are frequent visitors and the beach is beautiful.  It's not pretentious like one would think the Hamptons could's layed back cool and I love it!!!
We stayed at this charming resort Sole East with our girl and doggies.
I'm so excited for this weekend because we are going back to Sole East, Montauk!  It's their last weekend being open and I'm excited to celebrate Halloween there. PARTEY!!!
Do you love Montauk too?

* Founder/blogger/photographer Scott Schuman The Sartorialist -only the #1 blog in the world:)
so if you don't know who Garance's boyfriend is-NOW YOU KNOW..hehe

Monday, October 24, 2011

Monday Muse...TIKI

1. Rouge Apker shot by Ed Kavishe of FWP 2. vintage phone  3. loop beach chair   4. barbie illustration
Welcome to our new series "Monday Muse" the inspiration behind the new 2012 collection.
First up... TIKI, our loop detailed convertible bikini and a little loop inspiration.  This loop detail is so feminine and pretty and what's extra special is that the high-waisted bottom can be folded down by undoing the side buttons and attaching through the loops.  So while the high-waist is a beautiful look you don't have to have the tan line:)  It has a little bit of lingerie and vintage look that Marysia SWIM is known for.  TIKI is  now available for pre-orders in our SHOP and comes in the all white shown here or black with navy loops.  
What do you think of the TIKI?
ps. this is my new series of inspiration for the new collection available NOW!

Friday, October 21, 2011

Baby it's cold outside...

images via Pinterest

We'll walk in the city with friends and kids.  We'll drink lavender hot chocolate and look for pretty pumpkins.  What are you doing this weekend?
Whatever it is...enjoy this crisp time a year.  Xoxo-Marysia

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Lindsey Belle... JUMP

Belle she is!  Lindsey is a sweet sweet lady who wanted to photograph/interview me for her great series of  interviews with women who are inspirational enterprenuers!  I'm flattered to have been passed on by my dear friend Jane who passed the biton onto me.  As you can see I had so much FUN jumping for Lindsey here... for the interview and more pictures go and visit Lindsey's BLOG.

It's crazy that even though there are no trees in sight, I LOVE NYC and my new neighborhood pictured above is "da bomb".   The energy here is incredible and lots of trees a train ride away in Central Park..but who needs to breath when you have inspiration!?


ps. are you sick of looking at me yet?  I swear this is the end of the self indulgence for a while...or is it?
pps. on all pictures above I'm wearing out BIARITTZ dress...available for pre-order HERE

Monday, October 17, 2011

Blog Anniversary!

images via pinterest

Happy ONE year to marysia SWIM blog! I can not believe it's been this long already. I am soooo happy that you all are following my little inspiration board.   THANK YOU A MILLION!!!  It's so fun for me to have this blog!   This next year I plan to get a little more organized and keep a theme going. Seeing if I can improve the way I blog:)

I would love to hear from you all what you like and what you think you would like to see more of? less of?  Have any of you followed from the first post on?
I love to hear from you so come on give this blog a little love today.  xoxo-Marysia

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Masculine Nursery for Baby Evans

1. I love chalkboard walls...DIY here  2. Landon Metz art  3. multi leather rug  4. DIY lighting  5.Celadon Cow hide chair Chassity bought in Charleston, SC 6. OEUF Sparrow crib that nicely converts into a toddler bed.

My sweet friend Chassity ( remember her from my series ) from LOOK LINGER LOVE is pregnant with a BOY and had a bunch of interior decorators/bloggers put together a room for the little man to feature here.  I'm no interior designer but I LOVE to decorate!  Since I first heard of her series I started to LOOK at all things nursery on my PINTEREST page and so I hope you'll LINGER here a bit and check out my MASCULINE ROOM. Thank you Chassity for including me among these talented decorators:)
I think simple is best and keeping things calm and natural will help the baby grow up this way too. I can see lots of wooden toys here and black and white doodles framed in a abstract way like this.  However you decide to decorate your child's room it's such a precious time and you'll remember it forever.  I know I remember taping these stripes to paint my own daughter's room at 9 months pregnant then sitting in the room for hours dreaming what it will be like to have a baby there soon....oh the memories


Tuesday, October 11, 2011


Have you seen LUCKY MAGAZINE NOV ISSUE?  Well if you get your hands on out!  There is a Reeves family overload in a Special Advertising for VERIZON'S new phone the HTC RHYME!  Have you see the TV commercial for it?  Sometimes I wish I had 6 arms:) We were chosen by Verizon to star in their new Special Advertising Section for a girly phone HTC RHYME and share all about our business, website and blog!  Perhaps some of you reading this have found us through the magazine..if so WELCOME and thanks for visiting:)  This was my first modeling experience and let me just tell you...NOT EASY!  Bending down on my knees for what felt like an hour... while my child bounced off a tilted surfboard, the wood floor burning my knees, legs shaking while holding the phone at the right height with the screen showing, sucking it in, smiling........that was the hardest shot but really made me realize that modeling is hard work!  I'm going to be much more aware of what I put my models through....HA  at least I didn't have to wear a swimsuit!
I want to thank my friends Jana Gale & Alison Matheny at LUCKY for running the show and getting together an amazing team to shoot this ad.  You girls are AWESOME!!!  Photography by the incredible Mr. Fox (Squire Fox that is), styled by the talented Sarah Clary and hair and makeup by   Vivi Lapidus.
Huge thanks to VERIZON! So fun!  Let's do it again soon:ps.  YOu'll be able to shop our new collection featured in these photos with in days!!!  I'll be back to let you know.  xoxo-marysia

Monday, October 10, 2011

Inspiration Sorbe...

1.  I want this pink hair...what do you think..should I?  1, 2, 3, and 4 (kate moss) via PINTEREST
5. image from Dimity Jone's food blog

Thursday, October 6, 2011


Nathaniel is not only awesome at being a hubby, daddy, and CFO of our company but also AWESOME at SURFING!!!  Check out these photos by Joel DeMott taken last weekend in Lewes, Delaware...our fav little point break where we started surfing together 13 years ago. I've become picky about my surfing conditions (old lady conditions) and will only surf warm, clear, nicely lined up ankle snappers but Natty is a sensation to watch in any conditions...he even has a little fan club at this beach:) Little surf rats worship him!

If you want more, take a look at these two  A & B videos by Austin Dandridge who also did our behind the scenes loobook video