Sunday, July 31, 2011


Last weekend we went on a little family adventure to the Central park petting ZOO.  My daughter loves this place and I must say I do too...the animals are so cute and the squirrel even let us pet her.  The big zoo is pretty cool too...especially the seals.  I did feel bad for them as they looked so tired after a whole/hot day of work but I'm sure they are getting plenty of love and care.
On the way back to the subway we got to windows shop on 5th Avenue.  Bergdorf's windows were pretty but not as great as time gotta peak inside and have lunch!

ps.  Elle is wearing our BUMBY dress:)

Friday, July 29, 2011

Squire Fox...

I wanted to share a few images by my friend Squire Fox, and a crew of talented people from Tricia Joyce artist representative.  Sara Clary... the stylist, makeup & hair by Jennifer Fiamengo and modeling by Coleen Miner.  The swimsuit here is by Marysia SWIM and I'm so happy they though of me when styling this.  . I just love Squire's crisp photos and Sara's styling and think you will enjoy them too:)
So enjoy and happy friday!!!

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Miami Swim Show...

This here is my favorite picture from our Miami trip...This was the day the trade show ended and we were swimming in the private ( no one said nothin) pool:)of the W-South beach  My friend Mimi is the one standing here on the way to some shopping!!! She's soon to be a television star!  I'll tell you more later:) The rest of our crew stayed in the pool trying to meditate under water....that was fun!  Speaking of meditating...I took two yoga classes while in Miami too, at the STANDARD SPA.  It was so great doing yoga by the water and the teacher helped me do my first arm stand.( not sure what you really call it when you are upside down on your forearms with your hear up-looking forward??  Now I have to be able to do it myself by next year's trip.  The trade show went so well and I'll tell you about it more once the orders start coming..but I'll tell you one store I'm excited to add to our retailers, SHOPBOP!  I'm so excited are you???

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Taking a little time off...

Hey there bloggies....i come to say i'm sorry for a lack of posts but i'm pooped!  The traveling and selling of the line was fun but also stressful and i need to do a little bit of this...
Photo by Squire Fox

More on Miami and the above Squire Fox soon!
Monday Must have series continues next's a good one too:)

Monday, July 18, 2011

Monday Must have series...Melissa Blanchard

Today, in the occasion of Miami SWIM WEEK, I would like to introduce my favorite BUYER of all time... Melissa Blanchard !!! She is a gem in this business.  She really understands her work and has been our biggest supporter from the very first season.  My first trunk show was at VanJean- her boutique in Columbia, South Carolina.  She's just a sensational woman with great style inside and out.  She's supportive and sweet but also doesn't take slack from her designers.  Our relationship is one I value highly and respect Melissa very much:) She has the best wardrobe and jewelry and flies her private jet to Miami to see my shows. JEALOUS YET??  Did I mention her makeup and skincare?  FLAWLESS!!!  Vanjean has a sister store close by for that and it's called POUT.  Last year she sponsored part of my fashion show and I can never thank her enough for THANK YOU Melissa and to all you bloggie friends greetings from Miami!!!
What this buyer takes to Miami Swim Fashion Week

1.  Citation Jet with dreamy Tom Ford look a like pilot. I have the jet but the pilot isn’t as much of a Tom Ford type as I would prefer.

2.  White, white and more white: White leather JCrew suitcase. White is so sexy in the summer and a must in the steamy Miami weather. If you are not a celebrity or model I have found another way to get respect of hotel staff in Miami is to have good luggage. Especially luggage with out wheels because that makes it clear that someone must have carried your luggage for you (the dreamy Tom Ford pilot).

3.  Persimmon 3.1 dress and White Helmut Lang dress. call 803.252.4339) to order. I usually travel with dresses because it makes packing and looking chic easy. The white dress is for a night of fashions shows and champagne by the sea. The 3.1 shift is my work uniform. It lets me look professional while meeting with the swim designers and walking to and from the convention center.

4.  Gold jewelry: Gold is the only way to go when you have a tan and are in blingy Miami. I take my Jane Pope Mar gold cuff everywhere I go and always have gold earrings by Bing Bang.

5.  White Bottega Veneta tote bag works as my airplane carry on to hold magazines and Ipad. Once in Miami it works double duty by serving as a tote in the morning to carry line sheets and a beach bag in the afternoon.

6.  Loeffler Randall flat sandals in rose gold for the daytime and Loeffler Randall zebra stiletto  call 803.252.4339) to order for night. Anya Hindmarch clutch for evening.

7.  Less is more when it comes to makeup in Miami so I use the following to show off the tan yet protect my skin: Chantecaille Ultra 50 Primer. This product is my latest obsession from POUT. It is a liquid that glides on smoothly to protect with SPF 50, even skin tone and prime for layering product on top. Light weight and sweat proof makes this a MUST in hot weather.

8.  NARS is the best when it comes to showing off a summer tan (real or faux). The NARS Blush/Bronze Trio can be used in multiple ways on the face and eyes. The NARS Illuminator is a fine liquid that can work as a highlighter for cheekbones, lip base and smoothed on tan legs for an amazing glowing effect. Nars Lip Gloss in clear is the final touch on lips and works to tame fly-a-way pieces of hair in the Miami humidity.

9.  Maybelline Great Lash Waterproof Mascara. My go to mascara in a very humid climate. It does not run. Period.

10. Finally, a MARYSIA SWIM SUIT! I like suits with more coverage and the retro suits from the 2011 collection give me the option of coverage yet remain sexy at the same time. I don’t have the figure of a Miami swimsuit model but get style cred when lounging around the Raleigh pool in a Marysia swim suit. Perfect!

Thursday, July 14, 2011



 I don't even know where to start...I'll let the pictures speak for themselves but I have to tell you this...if you haven't been to Paris yet, then GO GO GO!  Enjoy these pictures for now and one day I'll do a little guide to the city post that covers all the details.  We had a great response to the collection at the trade show so all you european girls will soon have a shop closer to you that will sell Marysia SWIM:)
Our good friend Ed Kavishe (the founder of FASHION WIRE PRESS ) was there shooting the couture shows and my brothers surprised me and came over from Poland, so we all had a fun reunion in Paris. Tomorrow bright and early we're off to Miami.  I'll be back to tell you more soon.
Send me some good relaxed vibes in this crazy time for me.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Monday Must have series...Lilly Gray

Awesome Lily Gray is this Monday's honorary guest blogger here to share her summer must haves. I've been following her blog for a while now and I love it!  check it's called gold and grey.  I know some girls who love that color combo too:)  Enjoy!
The top row starting from the left:

1. I chose the first image because with summer comes more time spent outside and I love summer meals outdoors with friends ! Although, I have yet to have a summer meal setup that looks this great !

2. A gorgeous Calypso beach blanket-great for laying on the beach or a picnic.

3. My favorite Chanel summer color-Miami Peach...a gorgeous coral with a little gold sparkle.

4. A Jo Malone candle designed by David Hicks! Gorgeous...her scents are the best.

5. A pretty Topshop crochet sweater...perfect to thrown on over your bathing suit.

Bottom row from the left:

6. Fun metallic Dolce Vita tassel sandals. 

7. Michael Kors faux python iPad case-I bring mine everywhere !

8. Marc by Marc Jacobs aviators-I wear these all day them !

9. Zara studded purse-love the smaller size cross body bags for a night out. 

10. One of my favorite Free People the dress. 

Wednesday, July 6, 2011


We leave for Paris today!  I must admit I have never been and I'm soooooo excitedddd!!!
City Mode is the annual swimwear and laungerie tradeshow and we are happy to be exhibiting this year. to get the most out of the 5 days?? come on bloggie friends I know you must have some MUST go and MUST see tips for me. Au revoir!!! 
photograph by Alicia Block

Friday, July 1, 2011


I'm not a US citizen but my friends can tell you I'm very patriotic and wear my stars as a proud permanent resident:)  Enjoy this long weekend bloggie friends!  Hope you wear your bikinis while you watch the fireworks.  Here is a little inspiration for the weekend I found on Oracle Fox...
and a cake to bake at the end from Kelly at ESD's blog:)

Planet Blue's latest look book "Party in the Usa" 
photographer extraordinaire: Zoey Grossman
stylist extraordinaire: Ashley Glorioso
model: Kara Searle 

click over to GLORIOUSTREATS for a how to make it.  Have fun with it!