Wednesday, October 17, 2012

new blog address

Hello old friends!  Today is the second year anniversary of my blog and I'm so sad that we had to move to a new address (new html website) But I hope you all can make the switch and keep following along.  
Check out today's post about the anniversary

Hope to hear from you soon:)

Monday, August 27, 2012

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Tara Stiles in Marysia SWIM

My beautiful and famous yoga teacher, Tara Stiles sported our IBIZA bikini in Miami last week while she was there for a yoga retreat.  I was sad to miss this retreat as it's for 1..with Tara and 2... at my favorite Miami hotel/spa The Standard Hotel.  This picture was taken at the W-south beach after the retreat and as you can see..the Yoga does her body GOOD!!!  She also eats really really well and is my inspiration! Try her classes here in New York City at her studio STRALA.
Now if you too want to have this red hot bikini....I have GOOD NEWS  our SALE is still going on and we have some of these beauties in stock!

Tuesday, August 21, 2012


We are thrilled to see the new collection on Moda Operandi!!! Go to the link here to see our new resort collection available for pre-order now!  Get yourself ready in our newest styles for the upcoming resort season!  You can finally see our flamingo print too! 

Go on get yourself something pretty!

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Tala from Bathing News in our Antibes...

Are you a true swimsuit lover?  If so you must know of the blog called "bathing news".  The beautiful mermaid who writes and stars in the blog is Tala.  I had the pleasure of meeting Tala in Costa Rica last may remember from my blog post about it.  Anyway, Tala and Cody
 (her partner/photographer) have gotten Married!!!!!!  She was so sweet to take some pictures in the white ANTIBES bikini I sent her as a wedding present:)  Congratulations to you both fabulous people!!!  May you have a lifetime of sunshine, smiles, and LOVE!  xoxox-Marysia SWIM team!

isn't she a beauty??

Monday, August 13, 2012

Miami recap

We've been back from sunny Miami for three weeks now and I finally got it together to share some pictures from the show (new resort collection out November 12').  I'm so happy to be part of Salon Allure at the W-south beach instead that cold and bright convention center that used to be the only option....remember that Jane?
My friend Jane Cooper came with me the first year I started the line and she patiently sat with me to the long 4 days in that cold place.  Mrs. Cooper has come to support us every year since then but this time she wasn't able as she's just had bambino #2  A GIRL!!!  Can't wait to get little Pope into some girly BUMBY!!!  We missed you.  Thank you to all the buyers and press who came by to see the new collection!  We are excited to announce some new stores soon:)  Thank you to Rouge for being our showroom model and to Ed from Fashion Wire Press for taking the above photos of Rouge!

and Ps. our "end of summer SALE"  has started!!!
run here to get your Marysia SWIM!!!  Hurry!

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Inspiration resort...

We shot the next lookbook yesterday...RESORT 2012 coming to stores in NOVEMBER and pre order even before that!!!  I can't show you any images yet...although if you are following me on instagram you may have seen some already:) BUT here is the inspiration behind the JUNGLE CHIC season.... check it out and check back soon for more from MIAMI's tradeshow that starts this saturday! xoxo m

1| Hawaii 2| Burberry Postrum  3| Charlotte Olympia Heels 4| Lucille by Garrett Leight California Optical 5| Raffia 6| The Webster Candle 7| Celine's bags for color and more