Monday, March 26, 2012

Easter is coming...

A few of the foods we used to create some of our favorite colors....

Red Cabbage, Boiling Water, & Vinegar ~ Robin's Egg Blue
Blueberries & Water ~ Bluish-Gray Eggs
Tumeric, Boiling Water, and Vinegar~ Mustard Yellow Eggs
Brewed Coffee ~ Golden Brown Eggs
Beets, Boiling Water, & Vinegar ~ Pale Pink Eggs

I can't help myself but to share these awesome food coloring ideas for Easter eggs.  I found them this morning on Simple Song's blog.  I had the honor of meeting Suanne while in DC during the southern tour.  She is so great, check her out and you'll be following no doubt. I will tell you more about the tour soon...have to catch up with work and fam first...
 I don't like to use the artificial food coloring they sell with the cute decorating kits....especially if you plan to eat the egg.... you know?  My mom  used onion skins to boil the eggs with and the color turned out brown...i would scratch designs in it...but this is so much more fun, don't you think?..sorry mama...gonna have to out do you on this one:)  hehe
The eggs were done by the blogger Dreamy Whites...check out the blog post about the whole thing and see more photos by Heather Bullard in the Souvenir magazine.

I'll be in Hong Kong for Easter but I hope some of you will be give this a

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  1. cool! ijust saw some deviled eggs on pinterest yesterday that were dyed hot pink with beet juice. the called them "she-deviled eggs". Great Easter Egg dying idea!

    xo jpc