Monday, August 13, 2012

Miami recap

We've been back from sunny Miami for three weeks now and I finally got it together to share some pictures from the show (new resort collection out November 12').  I'm so happy to be part of Salon Allure at the W-south beach instead that cold and bright convention center that used to be the only option....remember that Jane?
My friend Jane Cooper came with me the first year I started the line and she patiently sat with me to the long 4 days in that cold place.  Mrs. Cooper has come to support us every year since then but this time she wasn't able as she's just had bambino #2  A GIRL!!!  Can't wait to get little Pope into some girly BUMBY!!!  We missed you.  Thank you to all the buyers and press who came by to see the new collection!  We are excited to announce some new stores soon:)  Thank you to Rouge for being our showroom model and to Ed from Fashion Wire Press for taking the above photos of Rouge!

and Ps. our "end of summer SALE"  has started!!!
run here to get your Marysia SWIM!!!  Hurry!

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