Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Costa Rica part II

We celebrated the new year in Costa Rica again this year....remember the trip I wrote about same time last year? This year we spent most of our time with my sister in law Perrey Reeves at her (almost operating) yoga retreat.  They had electricity this year!!! Even though my family was taking turns at being sick the whole time, it was still an amazing break.  You must be wondering ...who is the beautiful mermaid in the pictures??  It's Tala from Bathing News Blog and all pictures are shot by her lovely merman:)!  She happened to be there with her fiance, so we met up and had a blast in Santa Teresa.  This beach is magical! Be sure to check out Tala's blog...this girl is so genuinely nice and oh so beautiful
In the above pictures Elle and Tala are wearing suits from a couple seasons ago and I'm wearing a suit that's available for sale again here and here.
ps. i'm only documenting this picture on my attempting to do a handstand because I'll do one next year...just wait and see:)


  1. So cute !! You all look fabulous...looks like so much fun !


    1. It was a blast Lilly! Have you seen Tala's blog? I think you would love it!