Monday, December 12, 2011

Monday Muse...CAPRI

 1| Vintage divers need comfort..with our CAPRI's bib halter tie neck you can dive all you want:) 
2| CAPRI maillot in a textures black fabric with sparkly white's very french...oui? 
Our Capri Maillot is a style we brought back this season by your I hope you like the two new colors we are making it in 3| Ruffles by the beach...why not! 4| The low cut back is a nice contrast to the covered cleavage.  I just love the open back much more then boobies in your face.  BE CLASSY WEAR CAPRI!  available in seafoam/polka dot, the classic buff/champagne, and black/white.
all above images via Pinterest


  1. How do you choose a favorite color! I will take one of each :)

  2. my fav is the buff/champagne but all are nice:)