Monday, January 23, 2012

Monday Muse...BIARITTZ

1| meet our Biarittz dress, three layers of scalloped goodness, loop neck detail and an open back! she comes in two classic colors you can never go wrong (black and the above white) 
2| Joel Meyerowitz's photograph of the building of the raleigh hotel...have you been lately?  I think the new owner is butchering the place. Haven't been since the remodeling but I'll see it next week! Anyway, the scallops on the pool are the best!
3| the shape of this window inspired the loops 
4| love this lovely open here to see Biarittz's back view.

p.s. and if you missed the previous monday muses...check out the below and click on the appropriate blog subject in the bar to the right to study them closely.  

p.p.s. and if you are wondering where I've been, stayed tuned and check out my new favorite social media outlet INSTAGRAM come be a part of the club, I'm marysiaswim, follow along:)

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