Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Things I'm Thankful for/ gift of press

We are two days away from Thanksgiving, so thanks we must give!  I'm thankful for the chairs that arrived yesterday so my family has something to sit on at the table of feast!   No but seriously...there is sooooo much I have to be thankful for and I won't bore you with all the names of people but I do have a nice little thing to share and a nice little person to THANK!  Her name is Amy Flurry...She taught me how to do my own Public Relations. With 18 year of experience in freelance writing, contributing, producing articles for top national magazines and online publications she knew the editors take on PR.  Later she started her own business... Paper Cut Project....so this gave her the other side's view and the need for Press.  She knew both sides so she started to teach these PR seminars out of Athens, GA.  Amy's seminars became a huge hit but she saw a larger audience in need that she wasn't reaching and so she wrote us a book...THANK YOU AMY!!!
Go on buy one for yourself and one for your friend who has their own business and needs press for success!  I learned so much and have been doing my own pr for 2 years now...and have you seen my PRESS PAGE?  just saying...
Not to take anything away from the girls at LEAPFROG PR, who helped me start and also tough me alot along the way...I'm not sure I'll be taking *smack now with out their help for the first two years.  Either way you go about it Amy's book is an awesome tool and there is always more to learn and more press to get.  If you do it yourself you must know it, if you pay someone to do it for you , you must know what to expect.

ps. Read a little more about how Amy decided to write this book here
pps.  A quote of mine is on the back cover!!!  hehe you'll just have to buy it to see :)

*just kidding 

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