Friday, November 19, 2010

BUMBY is leaving the factory!!! Going to Barney's first!

I'm so excited to hear that the first delivery of marysia BUMBY is shipping from the factory!  HURAY!!! 
 Marysia BUMBY is our kid line of swimsuits.  "BUMBY" a name affectionally used by Ernest Hemigway for his first born, sounded perfectly endearing to us.  The collection has grown to include a european style shorts for BOYS too!!!  I know a few very proud mama's waiting for their shorts:)
The image above was from an image used for adversing and in it are my most precious girls.  Zosia my god-daughter and Elle my baby.  Don't they look so cute together? They took this modeling job very seriously.


  1. ohh... i can't wait to get my hands on those euro style shorts for my little man! congrats on BARNEYS! i will head over to see them there.

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  3. Thanks Jane! Please take pictures:) Your little Wade is going to look so cute in those!