Sunday, November 21, 2010

Thanksgiving in NYC!

This year we are spending Thanksgiving in New York City!!!  I LOVE NYC! (5) I'm so excited to see my Mother-in-law and my beloved City.  In my 15 years in United States, this will be the first Thanksgiving meal at a restaurant!  Our kitchen and apartment is way too tiny to cook in, so we decide to go to Balthazar! (1)  I can not wait to tell you about this after.  Oh how I dream of food (I'm on the 6th day of my 7 day detox diet)-more about this later too.  I hope they have their Creme brulee:)
Anyways, back to nyc.  I have a few things on the agenda between the work related meetings, lunches, dinners, and workouts.  It goes like this...
Tuesday morning I'll run to ZARA...have you seen their Sept catalog?? (2)...WANTTT
Later that day I'm going to drag everyone to see the  Balenciaga exhibition (3) at the Queen Sofia Spanish Institute on Park Ave.  I'm sure they'll enjoy it (maybe not Elle but who knows?)
Wednesday is Elle day... she loves the aquatic life room at the AMNH.  They are inflating the   Thanksgiving day parade (4) balloons right in front of the Museum, so we'll meet some friends there to experience parade without the scary crowds (i hope)
Thursday, see (1)
Then on Friday we'll drive to Rehoboth Beach,DE to see my parents and best friend! LOVE!!!
HAPPY THANKSGIVING EVERYONE!!!   Are you traveling for Thanksgiving?

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