Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Miami Swim Show...

This here is my favorite picture from our Miami trip...This was the day the trade show ended and we were swimming in the private ( no one said nothin) pool:)of the W-South beach  My friend Mimi is the one standing here on the way to some shopping!!! She's soon to be a television star!  I'll tell you more later:) The rest of our crew stayed in the pool trying to meditate under water....that was fun!  Speaking of meditating...I took two yoga classes while in Miami too, at the STANDARD SPA.  It was so great doing yoga by the water and the teacher helped me do my first arm stand.( not sure what you really call it when you are upside down on your forearms with your hear up-looking forward??  Now I have to be able to do it myself by next year's trip.  The trade show went so well and I'll tell you about it more once the orders start coming..but I'll tell you one store I'm excited to add to our retailers, SHOPBOP!  I'm so excited are you???


  1. So excited about Shopbop- that's amazing. And I love this picture. Can't wait to hear Mimi's news. I think I'll just text you... ;)

  2. Sounds like you had a lot of fun !! And congratulations on shopbop, thats amazing !!


  3. Shopbop? Oh my gosh, you are such a big a deal! I'm so excited for you! Congratulations, Marysia!

    p.s. loving the new pic of you and Ham :)

  4. thanks girls! It was fun and fruitful! Thanks Meg...I'm going to get a better more fun picture one day but for now it's me and my blind monkey:) xoxo-marysia