Sunday, January 9, 2011

Costa Rica

Perrey Reeves, wearing Marysia SWIM

What a lovely jungle my sister in law has! The perfect place for a YOGA retreat and a total get-a-way!!!  and I got to test out the new suits!  They don’t have electricity yet, but I think they aught to leave it that way.  You wakeup with the sun and you go to bed soon after the sun goes down (unless of course you are typing out your blog entry like I’m going right nowJ) and it feels so wonderful to be in one with nature that way.
We had our own beautiful bungalow that was open to the world, only screens everywhere.  The sounds of birds, monkeys, and the waterfall were the best lullaby.

The property is up on a hill close to the town of Montezuma. It took about 10 minutes to drive up to the bungalows...10 minutes of crazy offroading!!

We had the best time chilling with family and the 4 dogs, swimming near a waterfall, hiking, surfing, eating the most delicious meals (thank you Jeff and Perrey), and just having a blast!
Did you go anywhere this resort season?


  1. I saw this gorgeous picture of your lovely sister-in-law yesterday and thought to myself, "I wonder if she took that with a new Nikon D90?" And then I just read your comment on my blog a second ago... Awesome photo! So excited you got the camera! And that new Marysia SWIM is lookin' goooooood!!!

  2. Thanks Meg....i have lots to learn but it's so much better then the i-phone:)

  3. Sounds like you had an amazing trip with the family. And I agree with Meg, that swimsuit is breathtaking.

    Welcome home!