Thursday, February 16, 2012

Detox Diet

Happy day 3 after Valentine's day! Did you have a nice time?  Eat a lot of chocolates??? Ready to detox!!!          I did this diet a few weeks ago to get all the holiday pudge off and to get rid of my unhealthy sugar cravings...not good for my teeth nor bikini body.  SOooo if you are interested in doing it for the first time, check out my experience from last year....I wrote all about it here. I must say this time (more then a year later) it worked very well and it was not as hard.  The middle section of my body is hard to keep how I like freaking cupcake and it's back to looking like I'm 3 months pregnant.  I have been doing yoga for 6 months regularly and that really helps me feel better but still the sugar crawing win...especially that time a know what i mean?  This diet is great for re-setting your body inside and out without totally loosing your mind like on juice diets...eeekkk
Let me know how you do if you try this or if I can help in anyway...i know I inspired some girls by posting pictures of it on intagram....check it out if you want to see some of the meals I had...the above are pictures I took sporting the new collection..
.i don't know how big of difference you can see here but i do and i know I felt it!
the hard part is...keeping it up, especially when you travel a lot...speaking of we are off to LA next week to do some work and play, see old friends and get some sun (i hope)


  1. You look amazing !!! Love the new suits...especially the white one ! So cute.


  2. Thank you Lily! The white one is my favorite too...fits so great!

  3. I love that you shared these here. Of course, you were smokin' in the "before" picture too, so why not right?!
    Stopped in at Pearl today. Your collection is the BOMB DIGGITY in there. So gorgeous.

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY SWEET STUFF. Last year at this time we were getting down at your awesome party. Miss your face.

  4. That bangin' body inspired me to follow your lead and do the detox! It's a really nice way to re-set your tummy and cravings.

  5. Thanks Chassity! I miss your face too..can't wait to be celebrating your b-day together soon! Leah it makes me so happy that I inspired you because you rock! xoxo-m

  6. Marysia, I met you at Lauren Lail's baby shower last year. Love reading your blog and your swimsuits are beyond fabulous! You inspired me with your results from this cleanse. You look awesome! I started today. To tell you the truth I'm starving but keep telling my self I can do anything for 7 days! Your proof that the results are worth it!