Thursday, January 6, 2011

Resolution #1 DETOX DIET

It's time to start on those resolutions...I know I'm 6 days late but it's hard to diet in Costa Rica while you have a family friend cooking up delicious eats every would be plain RUDE!  hehe so now that I'm back home it's detox time!  I will start Monday...anyone with me?

Do you remember the detox diet I tried before thanksgiving? A seven-day detox I found on Gwyneth Paltrow’s blog, GOOP (full menue here). I’ve been on a mission to get back to my pre-baby body and weight but even though I exercise 6 times a week and ate pretty healthy, I felt there was something in my body keeping me from loosing those last 8 lbs.  Mostly liquid, this diet, with 5 solid meals during the week, no caffeine nor alcohol, no dairy or sugar, WORKS!!!  With a little determination and time, it’s totally doable!

The first day was easy, only liquid and salad this day, but with the 11am delicious fresh coconut juice (the dieter’s daily best friend), and the spacing out of the meals, it was a piece of cake…HAHA.  I wish there was cake. At some points all I could think of was CAKE!  Gwyneth’s other blog entry talked about how to deal with sugar cravings, which also worked!  I did have a slight afternoon headache because of the no caffeine rule, but since I mostly drink black or green tea anyways it wasn’t bad at all. (If you want a smoother transition, quit your coffee the week or two before and switch to lesser caffeinated morning beverages.  Before bed I had a shot of olive oil and that made me feel sick, so the following nights I added it to the dinner soups and had no problems.

Second day had chicken on the menu for lunch.  Even though I very rarely eat chicken I was looking forward to a real meal. The grocery trip that morning delayed the disgusting morning shake (I forgot to tell you about it from the first day, it’s gross but I heard it doesn’t have to be as bad depending on the whey protein and pro greens you put in it.  I had to hold my nose shut when I drank it.  YUCK!!!  That’s really the worst part of the diet but it was worth the result.  The chicken was delicious!  All the sauces and marinates in this diet made the food very tasty.  I especially loved the salmon and kale meal with the same sauce for dipping…YUM!

So after the second day, which I found the hardest (but only because the delay of my morning shake by and hour and a half) it went great!  I exercised all but the second day… did power yoga, Pilates, running and felt an increase in energy.  I slept extra well too!  REALLY the results have lasted for over a month and that’s after the thanksgiving and Christmas holiday!  I only gained a pound back…and believe me I didn’t hold back with the cookies and mashed potatoes.
I feel that the diet did really work as detox and cleared out whatever was in my stomach that was blocking the right kind of digestion.  I’m really happy I did it and I plan on doing in again after the New Year.  I want to do it 4 times a year in 2011 and see if I can get down as low as my wedding day weight, that would make me very happy and healthyJ

Who’s with me?  I would love to have a partner for moral support…


  1. You are my nutrition inspiration!!

  2. haha..i had to delay to next week...want to do it with?