Thursday, March 3, 2011

Jewelry giveaway...

Here is your chance to win one of my favorite jewelry designer's GOLD and DIAMONDS!!!  Jane is not only a talented designer but also a great of mine, and a big supporter of my business.  She is a new mom and has the most adorable, giggly little boy...i just love him!  She has sponsored me twice at the Miami's Mercedes Benz Fashion Week.   Sooo.....go on give her some support and lovin too:)
Become a fan by clicking on the image above and cross your fingers:)
Go to see more on her website.
Good Luck!  xoxo-Marysia


  1. Oh wow! this is so nice!! Going to sign up now!! I Looove her jewelry!

  2. Her jewelry is beautiful. So glad you've connected us!!


  3. looks neat im headed over there to check it out! xx