Thursday, March 10, 2011


We are so lucky for the talented Paul Costello to document out little life here with these photographs.

It's such a bittersweet feeling when you find out your house has sold and even though you've been waiting for this day forever, it's sad.  I'm overwhelmed with emotions of leaving this house in Folly Beach that we've called our home for the last 6 years....
I think of the many, many happy moments lived here, our first home as a married couple. Our daughter was born here!  I labored in this very shower for hours before heading for the hospital, where she was born 24 hours later. (I KNOW!!! she took her sweet time) I got a new puppy here who loves to run to the beach with me most mornings. 
The trying moments with the business and marriage were here too. We lost our beloved dog named Bear who lived a happy life of 14, here on his bed.
 I found many many inspirational, lovely people here who helped me so much to carry on with my little dream.  Thank you all, you know who you are:)
  I will miss this home, this city, and the people....hope you'll have me back for a visit:)

Today I say goodbye to my home and hello to new adventures in New York City!

not so fast ...I'm staying in Sullivan's beach for the next two weeks to attend Charleston Fashion Week...look out for my post about it all soon.  Sweet Chassity from LOOK LINGER and LOVE and I will do a little post together to get help from our stylish readers on what to wear to the opening night.... This will be fun don't you think?


  1. Man I got a little sad and emotional for you while reading through, and then all happy again when I remembered you'd be here a few more weeks. What fun we'll have at CFW AND choosing our wardrobes.


  2. Aw, this is sad:( Im sure it's sooo hard to look back at your beautiful house on the marsh! You all are on to great things in New York, though, I believe! Now, Im really looking forward to the fashion post on what to wear opening night... Im stuck!

  3. You don't know it, but you've been an inspiration to me as I start my fashion business in Charleston. Thanks for doing everything so beautifully. We'll miss you here in the Low Country, but of course, wish all the best for you in the big city.

  4. Looking forward to the future and watching our little ones frolic together again on the northern beaches of the east coast.
    Charleston will always hold special memories in our hearts.