Thursday, March 31, 2011

Swimsuit review...

I promise I will continue with my Charleston Fashion Week posts once I get a little more organized
( remember the move?  still in it..eeek) but for now I want to share this video of an obsessed Marysia SWIM fan!  I'm so happy to be among the awesome brands that Breanne Berg loves.  She is so beautiful and cute it's hard not to watch this video all the way through:)  She has an online jewelry and accessories store called BASICO..go check it out and get blog too...
In the last 3 years I have heard from some of these girls who absolutely love swimwear ...are you in the same club with Breanne? Do tell


  1. Just discovered your fantastic swimwear through Matchbook Magazine, and I love it! As a South FL. girl I'm always on the hunt for a great swimwear. I also love your blog, & how amazing is the OC dress worn for Charleston Fashion Week. Following on Bloglovin.

  2. Thanks Giselle! Glad to know another fan of swimwear and glad you head about us through Matchbook! Just checked out your blog too..will follow:)

  3. This video is so funny. Go girl- get your swimwear!!