Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Charleston Fashion Week day 1...

Sooo last night was the first night of Charleston Fashion Week's emerging designer competition.  Congratulations to all four designers who competed! You all were really great and talented designers, sadly not everyone can win and it was so hard to vote.  I know from my own experience that this WIN can make a huge change is someone's life...especially this year when the price is HUGE!

And the winner is.......  Veritee Hill The designer winner of the day!  She moves forward in the competition and will show again on Saturday night!
The drapping on this skirt by Van Hoang was stunning!  Great work!!! I want!
A look from Sarah Parrott show....i want this too! by Cyle Seusz from VENT magazine

The adorable moment from  one featured designer Barbara Beach's show beautifully captured
by Cyle Seusz from
VENT magazine
Beautiful and stylish Chassity from Look Linger and Love in Jimmy Choo shoes to die for! 
photo by: Diana Deaver 
Barbara at the end of her AMAZING show! photo by Cyle Seusz from VENT magazine

Mingling before the shows with designer Lindsey Carter of TROUBADOR..her show is tonight!!! 

Two of the most stylist boys in Charleston... Jefferey Rodes and William Cullum
Ed Kavishe of FAHION WIRE PRESS and I
Opening act  of  Benjamin Starr and Quiana Parler who gave me goosbumps with her powerful voice
Ruth "Ruthie" Apker in my favorite look of the night by Jamie Lin Sneider

and  this is how it ended:)  my hubby and I couldn't help ourself


  1. great post! Chassity looks AMAZING!

  2. Great post! You looked fabulous in that dress. And I love the last pic with Nathaniel :)

  3. Hands down, that last picture is definitely my favorite. Y'all are a hoot!
    See you in about an hour... "under the tents!" Haha

  4. The orange dress looked amazing on you!! And Chassity looks so cute!! Looks like you had fun.