Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Charleston Fashion

So all in all CFW was better then ever!  I was so tired after every day full of activities, pre parties, after parties I barely had time to sleep...but enough about the old lady...the best part was all that talent!  Most of 16 designers presented nice collections, but some really stood out! The winner of course, Charlotte Hess stole the show with a great show and so much talent in the knits department!  Everything about the show was great, and her charesmatic presence had everyone fall in love with her on stage.  A more polished "ready for retail" designer was Cody Sai. I hope the best for this young, slightly shy man...i can just see his collection hanging on the shelfs so some great boutiques....he is most ready to take this to another level in my opinion.
One that didn't get enough credit was Thea Canlas and this model (pic above)....I mean that face!  I can just see her on a PRADA ad.  Thea had some wonderful ideas and interesting pattern matches but if she'd only had a little help in the styling department, her collection would have stood out more. Presenting a coheisive collection is key!  Especially when all you can show is 8 looks...
if you want to read more about the emerging or featured designers go to the official CFW page.
What a great week!

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