Monday, April 18, 2011

Monday Must Have Series...Sally King Benedict

oh Sally....where can I start?  This girl has talent steaming out of her ears:) She's an incredible artist and her style is sense unlike many people I know.   Everything from her paintings, clothes, home decor, art collection, and hair is fantastic!  I know what you are thinking now....she must be a bit*h!'s to the contrary..she's sweet as pie and does it all with such grace, you can't help but love her. 
To read more about Sally and see her work, visit her website:
the below is Sally's wish list for this summer....i spy a few things to add to my own list, what about you?

Cynthia Rowley towel $58  nars shiap lipstick $24  j.crew panama hat $58  A good read Elements of Style$5.74 bumble and bumble beach hair spray $22.99  pucci beauty case $190 euro  marysia swim suit:)  $209 
and the below beach painting is by Sally...incase you can't get away and you can have the beach right there in your own home:)  I added this to her list as i LOVE IT soooooo much!
for price inquires go to her website.


  1. Love Sally, love her round up, everything about it. Especially glad you added that painting. I'm in love with yet-another-sally-masterpiece!!