Monday, April 4, 2011

Love story...

This video by Michael Bastian for GRANT's Spring/Summer 2011 collection is SICK!!! (in a good way)  Not only was it shot in my favorite hotel in South Beach (The Raleigh)...but I had a similar situation happen on April 3th 2003.  That's right!!!  Happy Engagement Anniversary Nathaniel!!!
  This video speaks to my heart as well of my creative's video perfection to me.  The styling is amazing!  Don't you just want to go book a mini vacation there and have that room service with your honey??   that cake looks so delicious, YUMMY
 If only we didn't need to be in LA in a couple days, I would go there and do that in a second!  Maybe in a couple years for anniversary #10.....hope the hubby reads my blog...hint hint

Where did you get engaged?  Anyone else South Beach on Spring break???


  1. Happy anni - and super cute video! Have fun in LA :)

  2. Did you throw Nathaniel in the pool when he proposed?

  3. not on spring break, but right there at the Raleigh! wishing i were poolside right now ;-)

  4. Aww that's right... That hotel is very special! Thanks girls! We did go swimming in the crystal clear ocean! Oh the memories:)