Monday, April 25, 2011

Monday Must Have Series...Amy Flurry

I met Amy Flurry at this DIY Public Relations Seminar she tough in Athens, GA.  
This class was the greatest thing I've done to educate myself about how PR works. 
She teaches it from her point of view, as she's an editor and now too a designer. 
(can't you tell from her summer picks above??)
Its a great class to take no matter if you're a one person show or a bigger business owner
who has in-house PR's great to know what the do's and don'ts are. You can 
contact her through her website if you are interested....i highly recommend it!
As she started her Paper Cut Project of gorgeous paper couture pieces, she began to think 
of how to share this exciting new art with others, and how lucky she was to know the editor'sside. Now she shares her experiences with other enterpenuers who are willing to go to 
Athen's for the class. She is doing something right as her paper head dresses have been 
gracing the windows of Hermes and Cartier boutiques. I trust her...wouldn't you???
If you do decide to go....visit The National restaurant for dinner....delish!!!

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