Friday, August 12, 2011

Back to school shopping... little girl

1.Cashmere shorts... 2. Shirt dress... 3. Booties... 4. POMPOM Hair clips... 5. Denim tunic... 6.Sweet Knee tights... 7. Leather jacket ( i already scored this for 75% off) !!!  I have the camel version:)

I know I must be one of a million who love to SHOP back to school for their little baby girl...  I KNOW!!  She's 4 but she requires no less attention when it comes to her wardrobe. We can really funk it up a bit more this year because we live in NYC and choices are endless... and people won't look at us funny with matching leather jackets and converse!  I swear I need to put 1/2 the effort into my own closet but for now I enjoy this so much more:) I want to share with you!  I take quality over quantity any day that why this selection process is MUCHO IMPORTANTE...EH? We don't have a lot of space in out little italy loft so I try to pick things that will go with lots of others in the here we go color story 1...I'll be back for more don't you worry my little bloggies:) xoxo-Marysia


  1. You easily have one of the best dressed cutie pies I know! And I love that you said you take quality over quantity. You're a smart mama! Can't wait to see Elle in her camel leather jacket this fall. She's going to look adorbs!

  2. SO cute !! That philip lim jacket is amazing ! She will definitely be the best dressed ! And thanks so much for the restaurant recommendations in Laguna !!


  3. Thanks girls! It's so fun to have a little "live doll" to dress up:) Barbara...i need to go find those shoes them and Elle does too. Have a great weekend!