Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Taking care of your SWIMSUIT...

My friend and children's clothing designer Barbara Beach ( yes I'm purely friends with her beacause  of her last name..HA HA) recently blogged about the art of SWIMSUIT CARE!  It's true...if you want your swimsuit to last you need to take care of it!  The best swim wash is our SWIMWASH we collaborated on with THE LAUNDRESS. Thank you Barbara for this cute post featuring our swim line!  These suits are 2 years old and still look like new..GOOD WORK GIRL!
Are you a freak about caring for your pricey items?
I enjoy hand-washing myswim suits after a day at the pool or ocean. It's an art, you know?  There is something really satisfying about taking care of really nice things. Next up... cleaning makeup brushes... something that I should do every day but don't.


  1. I definitely need to take better care of my swim suits ! Thanks for the reminder.


  2. i use mine every time, and my Marysia swim first collection suits look like new!
    Thanks to you, M, I only use laundress to clean anything and everything! the baby detergent is my fave. i wash all of my own clothes in it.

  3. I need to pick up some of that wash, (and get you my order!) is it too late? How the hell have I dropped the ball on that one so bad?!

  4. Thanks Marysia! Im glad that you approve that they appear well taken care of... They all still fit so well!