Monday, August 8, 2011


Hi Bloggies!  Happy Monday to you!  I had a nice relaxing weekend at the beach with the fam..U?
The kiddos in my family are the biggest supporters of my work and they wouln't ever be cought in anything else but Marysia SWIM or Marysia BUMBY at the beach....and look how cute they are?!?!?!
The boys are just too big for the BUMBY shorts but all girls are proudly wearing Marysia.

Oh..the monday must have series is over...aren't you done shopping for all things summer? Even though I'll never be over the summer and beach, I am looking forward to a FALL in the city
...something more up that alley will start on this blog soon:)
Have a great Monday!!!  xoxo-m


  1. Everyone looks so cute ! Love the swimsuits !!


  2. hahahaah piekne zdjecie, pamietam