Thursday, September 8, 2011


So even though it was too late to be a part of FNO once my lazy butt got around to it, I'm kind of excited I'll get to check out the events in my hood instead!  Nathaniel and I got a babysitter (thank you Elinor!) and we are going out on date night cruzing the streets of SOHO. First we are going to have drinks at Philip's then off to see Garance's exhibit and then see Alexander Wang's freak talent show.  Will I see you there?  What are you doing tonight to support this FASHION WORLD?!?!

now...what do i wear?  I'll try and remember to take pictures for you:)

then off to the beach at the break'o dawn to catch some KATIA waves....where is my wetsuit??!!


  1. Oh I'm green with envy right now. Take pictures sweet thing and text them to me tonight :) xoxo, have fun!

  2. how was it?? i saw Anna Wintour last year, so that was pretty awesome! hope you and natty had fun! xo jpc