Monday, September 19, 2011


I'm soooooo happy to cross another thing on my new year's resolution list!  Last Saturday I took Elle to her first Ballet...SWAN LAKE!!!  New York City Ballet did a spectacular version of this piece of art.  I remember seeing it for the first time while in Ballet school myself...oh how I love the music and the choreography.  After seeing this I have a new take ballet again!  Since I left my professional ballet school in Warsaw, Poland I tried to take classes but the level of ballet in Delaware was not so great...especially coming from where I was......anyway now that I live in New York City there are no excuses...I just hope I can still remember something with out getting kicked out...eeek

next up the nutcracker...hope we can score the thanksgiving tickets for the whole family!
Do you guys like ballet?

ps.  did you see the EMMY'S last night? see my favorite looks here

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  1. Yes, my mom used to take me the Swam Lake and the Nutcracker when I was younger and I was in LOVE with ballerinas !