Friday, September 9, 2011

Garance Dore on FNO!

Last night was sheer awesomeness!  It reminded me why we moved to NYC and why this city is like no other. We went to the 3.1. Philip Lim FNO party of Mercer Street....the line was so long and of course I forgot to RSVP...whaaaaaat?  Thanks to Matthew (the sweet sales person who knows me from my frequent visits and droolings:) he walked us right it...SCORE!
Once inside it felt like a little fashion dream, all the it girls (Marina Munoz, Stevie Dance, and Diana Lunt) were there behind the bar making funky drinks. I was most excited about Garance Dore also being there.  Garance is the queen of fashion blogging, a true inspiration. Check out her blog for more pictures from the night. Later on we went to see her work at PHAIDON and guess who's hand I got to shake?  Yup Garance herself!!!  Scott the SARTORIALIST was there too but the girl had me star struck.  I really hope she's writing a book...she's an incredible writer, illustrator, and such an inspiration.
SOOOOOOO FUN!  Thanks to my hubby for coming out with me....let's do it again soon:)

happy weekend!  xoxo-marysia


  1. Amazing in every possible way. I'd probably never wash my hand after shaking hers. Ha! Also, I love that you said, "It reminded me why we moved to NYC and why this city is like no other." Rubbing elbows with the industry elite. You are so big time... and this is just the beginning! Glad y'all had fun and love the photo!

  2. Wow! So much fun! Is that Garance in the photo? I'd be star struck too;)

  3. yes that's her closest to you..she was so sweet