Tuesday, September 27, 2011


So it's that time a year again ...nooo I'm not talking about Paris fashion week...I'm talking about your favorite television shows.... here is my list for this season...
Gossip Girl.... I have to admit I love Chuck Bass he's so dark yet unressistable....Serena and Blair have the wardrobe of our dreams and well it's a guilty pleasure kind of a show but it's what I do on Monday evenings.
Heart of Dixie...I want to see how this goes, I like Rachel Bilson's style but I don't know what kind of an actress she is. (It airs on Mondays 9pm after gossip girl).
Lastly, PANAM...i missed the pilot but I'm watching in now here.
Did you see these shows? What's on your list for this season.  I miss Mad Men...anyone know when that's coming on again?  I head they began to work on season 5.
Happy Tuesday!


  1. I am in love with Gossip Girl as well ! So happy its back. Didnt see Heart of Dixie...I want to see if its good though and same for PANAM !!


  2. I haven't seen Heart of Dixie, will have to check it out. Def loving Pam Am!!

  3. Any other recommendations for me ladies? are are we all the same chick flick lovers:)