Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Thanksgiving table decor...

Via louboosa and shoes blog
Via coco and kelly blog

Brad Ford via lonny magazine

the chairs I need via Pinterest
We are hosting Thanksgiving this year in our nyc loft!  I love entertaining and and so excited to have family here with us for my favorite holiday! The above pictures are inspiring my table decor.  I love the organic feeling of the above.  I hope I can create something with the same feel but do you think I can with my gild trimmed china and white/blue metal table? Also it would help if we had dining table chairs!  Since the move we've been living with out those...only using our kitchen chairs, which I have 4 of.  I'll use those for the ends but I'm really hoping they have these in stock for me to buy before the Turkey day.  I better get to it...only 8 days to go.  How are you decorating your table?  I would love to know your inspiration....any tricks of how to make gold trimmed china look organic?

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  1. Aw, I just realized I won't be attending a fabulous Holiday Tea party thrown by Marysia this year...