Thursday, November 17, 2011

Tara Stiles...

I've been thinking a lot about this new interview series I want to introduce here on my blog.  I have made some new friends in nyc and I wanted to share some of them with you.  They are so interesting and inspiring I don't know where to start. 
  My number one person to interview is Tara Stiles  She has inspired not only me but a wide audience around the world with her healthy and relatable approaches to exercise, awareness, nutrition and everyday well being.  There is so much I could ask her I decided to do a whole series about just HER....Thank you Tara for letting me share a lot of your goodness to my readers.  I hope this series will be helpful to your life as it has been to mine.  Lets start by introducing Tara Stiles..."the coolest yoga teacher ever" -vanity fair 
Tara is a yoga teacher, author, model, and a role model.  I have been taking classes for over two months with her and other super teachers at the Strala Yoga studio.  It's making me want to change my life and become a whole peaceful, centered, wise and so on.  Practice is the key NOT perfection! sooo let's start with an fun interview and I'll continue with more on Tara on either Tuesdays or Thursday...just bacause I'm silly like that.  She has a video blog that's careful if you start watching it's hard to stop. And what's better for my blog then a little bikini body HOW TO...right?
  If you don't live in New York City, don't you worry she has videos for sale HERE.  You can also purchase her "Slim Calm Sexy Yoga"
ok here we go with the interview:

ms. Your yoga video with Jane Fonda is so cool!  How did you meet her? 

Jane has been a hero of mine since I can't even remember.  I literally got a phone call asking me if I could come to LA and meet Jane, she's doing a new project and interested in meeting you. . etc.  So of course, I flew out, met with her.  It was so surreal.  It was in a hollywood studio, Jane was sitting on the couch, and I literally sat on the floor at her feet.  I felt most comfortable there.  We spoke about dance and yoga and making yoga something that wasn't scary and that people can connect with easily.  We hit it off and she asked me to be in the project right there.  I was so excited to just be speaking with her.  Ever since we've been friends and she's been so generous in supporting and saying nice thing about me.  She's the best! 

ms: On your video blog you share some eats, yoga routines, answer all kinds of questions but what's something that people may not already know about you and find surprising?

Tara: I'm not super strict with my food.  I think people might get the impression that I am a raw vegan, porton control person, but I really eat based on awareness and how I feel.  I have the occasional pizza and glass of wine, but not every day. 

ms. your yoga studio is located in you find people here more open minded then in other parts of nyc?

Tara: I think people in NYC are generally pretty open minded, but I find that everywhere.  Once you are able to connect, instead of putting yourself above or below another person, we are all the same.  We all want to connect with each other.  It's human nature.  We are a lot simpler creatures than we like to think sometimes :) 

ms. your skin looks amazing and it doesn't look like you wear much least when I see you.:)  What's your beauty routine? Do you get any special treatments in the city?  Go to a cool spa? Trust me...we all want to know!

Tara: I don't go to the spa (except when I'm leading a reatreat at the Standard in Miami) and then it's steam room, sauna, pool, hot tub, yoga on regular rotation.  My skin regimen is juicing, happy thoughts, lots of water, and headstand.   

ms: We are getting together for a girls night...where do you take me in our nolita/soho hood?

Tara: that would be fun.  We'd go to Gemma, the restaurant connected to the Bowery Hotel. 

ms: What is your biggest accomplishment so far in your career?

Tara: A girl recently connected with me via facebook about how I am helping her through a severe eating disorder.  She is finding her center through meditation and yoga and she says my videos help her connect without feeling any pressure.  That makes me happy.  

ms:  lastly..What's your favorite style in our new 2012 collection?:) and when can we see your bikini body videos?

TARA: I like the suit you hooked me up with!  Very pretty and easy.  First bikini video is up!

She's amwesome right...don't you love her too? i'm gonna be late for my 8am yoga class....see ya 

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  1. What an inspiring woman. So glad you started this series with Tara! And I can't wait to check out her site (and see which bikini she'll be rocking)!