Friday, December 31, 2010

New Year's resolution & goal list...

 Paperback, 208 pages, Princeton Architectural Press, 2010. $16.47 at Amazon.Lists at Amazon

Happy last day of the year darlings! I'm a list person!  I love the feeling of a checked item off a list...which rarely happens because I keep adding to the list during the day or week and the list seems to go on forever, AHHHHHH
So i'll keep my list of New Year's resolutions short and sweet...(not easy by any means)  I also have a lot of items on my goal list, which is less of a resolution but a result of more hard work and some luck!  Some are too much to share, because I'm afraid of what you may think and then you'll never read this blog again..EEEKKKK
What are your goals and resolutions?? Any tips on how to make mine easier to accomplish?  

RESOLUTIONS:  Check this list during the year! POST IT!

1. Healthy Diet / Exercise through the year- keep to my healthy diet/exercise routine with one cheat day 
    a week of something "bad" 
    (I shall expand on this one soon.  Stay within 3 lbs to your goal weight all year (unless of course wish  
     #4 happens...then I'll have new goals about the Diet.)
2. Manage time better- 9-5 as much as possible & no weekends unless during trade.
3. More play time with Elle.
3. Stick to our new business model and exceed our goals!
4. Decorate out NYC pad till it's completely satisfying and finished- keep only the things we need
5. See 3 Broadway shows 
6. See 2 Ballets with Elle (Swan Lake and Nutcraker )
7. Celebrate my 30th b-day with close family and friends & in STYLE!
8. Blog once a week. 
9. Learn how to use my new FANTASTIC camera.
10. Finally get some followers for this blog of mine....hey I least I got it started:)  thanks AMY:)

1. Have our line sold in 4 continents.
2. Add Net-a-porter to our list of stores!!! 
3. Walk the nose on my new surfboard:)
4. Have a baby in my belly by the end of next year:)


  1. Lists are good! I hope you get to conquer them all +more;) Happy New Year!

  2. Great post, love that you shared so much. I think your line most certainly belongs on Net-a-porter. I have no doubt you'll celebrate turning 30 with the best flair ever. And I too hope to get pregnant again this year :) Hence why I'm not buying up all of your swimsuits for myself...

  3. Thanks BB! Happy new year to you both!
    Chassity, i hope all our dreams come true this year:) There is a great one piece that can have room for a belly so don't be shy:)