Thursday, December 23, 2010

Merry Christmas!!!

Our holiday card designed by the talented Hanna Nation from GADABOUT

So....we finally finished unpacking, re-packing and sending our 2011 inventory.  The last two nights were spent working like little elves past 2am to get it all to the shops asap!  WHEEW
Thank Goodness to our wonderful intern from the past who was willing to help out!  Leah you are the best!!! 
Now it's time to prepare for Christmas Eve, I'm making some traditional non-meat dishes from Poland.  Pierogi & Barszcz...the pierogis are filled with mushrooms and onions and the barszcz is made from red beets and is oh soooooo delish!!!  It's very time consuming so it's reserved for special occasions only...looks like I'll be up till 2 again, especially because I still need to wrap all gifts.  
I'm so happy we are spending the holiday home for once! no driving all over the east coast this year!
I do wish we were in Poland celebrating my parents 50th anniversary of their meeting but I hope I'll catch them on SKYPE to break bread on Christmas Eve. (another Polish tradition)

After Christmas we are off to Costa Rica to visit my sister in law and see the YOGA retreat she is almost finished building. I hope santa brings me a good camera so I can document our trip and share with you later!  Can't wait to try out the new collection myself!
Have a beautiful holiday!!!


  1. Just discovered your beautiful collections. Love to see talented Polish Designers. Pierogi and Barszcz always sound amazing on Christmas Eve, I also had a traditional mushroom soup this year. Happy New Year! I'll be following your designs. Justyna

  2. Thank you Justynko! Wszystkiego naj naj w nowym roku!