Monday, December 13, 2010

The time of giving...part 3 KID much do we love them?  The mostest!!!  That's why we want to give them the moon.  In my opinion less is more.  They will appreciate their presents to a greater extent, especially if they are well selected and great quality!  My precious KID is a girl so these are a little girly, but if you click on the links you'll be sure to find some tougher ones for your little man.  Enjoy!

1. Wooden Doll house with furniture by Plan Toys $206
2. Personalized play date cards by Felix Doolittle $30
3.Charlie baby doll and  by BlaBla $36 - $65
4. Band in a Box $36 on sale!
5. Extra clothes for the BlaBla doll....6.Books by Mo Willems $6.29 - $ 10.49...


  1. A few things. We love bla blas. I think Lilly would really enjoy the band in a box. And I'm ga-ga about those play date cards!!

  2. Aren't those great! There are several types of the bands on this website for different's so great to hear your wee one make music:) Happy Gift giving!