Thursday, December 9, 2010

The time of giving part 2... LADIES in your life

Gift for all the ladies in your life...

1.Givenchy mascara $29  my new fav!    
2. Master of Fashion Illustration by David Downton $50, David has his own blog about this master piece.   For the fashionista!     
3. Panettone $39.35 this is to die for with tea or coffee in the morning during the holidays, I know I hope my husband reads this posing and gets me one...I've been so so good:)       
4. BAND AID by my friend Cynthia Rowley $10  perfect stuffer
5. Orgasm duo by Nars...the best bronzer/blush out there, and who wouldn't want to have that glow all day long? Perfect for a sister-in-law or BFF.
6. Kate Davis personalized bracelet/necklace around $99 contact Kate to put your baby, dog, anyone's name on the little gold bar.  You can do multiples if you have several names.  I love the Indian feel of this piece.  Thank you Kate for making this for me!
7. The Laundress $12-$30 The eco-chic, deliciously smelling, and beautiful home cleaning products. This collection makes any home chore so much more enjoyable.  They got me hooked on their laundry line too! Thank you Lindsey and Gwen for creating this amazing Brand!

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  1. Love them all! I didn't know about the band-aids!