Tuesday, October 11, 2011


Have you seen LUCKY MAGAZINE NOV ISSUE?  Well if you get your hands on it..watch out!  There is a Reeves family overload in a Special Advertising for VERIZON'S new phone the HTC RHYME!  Have you see the TV commercial for it?  Sometimes I wish I had 6 arms:) We were chosen by Verizon to star in their new Special Advertising Section for a girly phone HTC RHYME and share all about our business, website and blog!  Perhaps some of you reading this have found us through the magazine..if so WELCOME and thanks for visiting:)  This was my first modeling experience and let me just tell you...NOT EASY!  Bending down on my knees for what felt like an hour... while my child bounced off a tilted surfboard, the wood floor burning my knees, legs shaking while holding the phone at the right height with the screen showing, sucking it in, smiling........that was the hardest shot but really made me realize that modeling is hard work!  I'm going to be much more aware of what I put my models through....HA  at least I didn't have to wear a swimsuit!
I want to thank my friends Jana Gale & Alison Matheny at LUCKY for running the show and getting together an amazing team to shoot this ad.  You girls are AWESOME!!!  Photography by the incredible Mr. Fox (Squire Fox that is), styled by the talented Sarah Clary and hair and makeup by   Vivi Lapidus.
Huge thanks to VERIZON! So fun!  Let's do it again soon:ps.  YOu'll be able to shop our new collection featured in these photos with in days!!!  I'll be back to let you know.  xoxo-marysia


  1. YES !! Saw it over the weekend and couldn't believe it ! How exciting and you looked so very gorgeous ! Congratulations !!


  2. i saw the commercial last night! Of course the combo of Squire shooting and your precious fam made the spread turn out amazing! Love it! congrats!! xo

  3. So Lucky:) This is a beautiful spread! Congrats!

  4. you look great Marysia!! Congrats!!

  5. Thanks so much lilly, jane, Barbara and Lindsey:0 It makes my day to get your comments here!