Monday, October 24, 2011

Monday Muse...TIKI

1. Rouge Apker shot by Ed Kavishe of FWP 2. vintage phone  3. loop beach chair   4. barbie illustration
Welcome to our new series "Monday Muse" the inspiration behind the new 2012 collection.
First up... TIKI, our loop detailed convertible bikini and a little loop inspiration.  This loop detail is so feminine and pretty and what's extra special is that the high-waisted bottom can be folded down by undoing the side buttons and attaching through the loops.  So while the high-waist is a beautiful look you don't have to have the tan line:)  It has a little bit of lingerie and vintage look that Marysia SWIM is known for.  TIKI is  now available for pre-orders in our SHOP and comes in the all white shown here or black with navy loops.  
What do you think of the TIKI?
ps. this is my new series of inspiration for the new collection available NOW!

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