Thursday, October 27, 2011

Montauk surf trip...

Remember when we went chasing the surf after hurricane Irene left the city?  Ditch Plains is my favorite beach in America and the surf was.........too big for moi:(  Nathaniel though, was in heaven and surfed 5 times a day.  This place is heaven for people like us.  It's where surf and fashion worlds meet.  People like Cynthia Rowley via (Refinery29) and Garance Dore and her *boyfriend are frequent visitors and the beach is beautiful.  It's not pretentious like one would think the Hamptons could's layed back cool and I love it!!!
We stayed at this charming resort Sole East with our girl and doggies.
I'm so excited for this weekend because we are going back to Sole East, Montauk!  It's their last weekend being open and I'm excited to celebrate Halloween there. PARTEY!!!
Do you love Montauk too?

* Founder/blogger/photographer Scott Schuman The Sartorialist -only the #1 blog in the world:)
so if you don't know who Garance's boyfriend is-NOW YOU KNOW..hehe

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  1. have fun!! we are headed to nyc for the halloween weekend! i hate to miss you there. have a great weekend. xo jpc