Thursday, January 13, 2011

BALENCIAGA MASTER!!! Happy weekend!

Are you in New York this weekend?  The Balenciaga exhibit is almost over, GO SEE it before February 19th.  We went to the exhibit at the Queen Sophia Spanish Institute, while in nyc....and guess who was there??!!  The curator himself: Hemish Bowels!!!  That made me tickled....he held the door for Moi:)  It made the fantastic exhibit even more fantastic. See this video for a look inside.  and HURRY GO!!!


  1. Loving that furry coat! You and Elle are looking super stylish, per usual.

  2. Nice! Some of this clothing looks very, MadMen. I love the last pic! Love the fur and Elle is always in Style... those little shoes.

  3. Thanks girls! Balenciaga is a master indeed! And maybe that is why I love mad men:)