Thursday, January 27, 2011

Florablanca, Costa Rica

While on our trip in Costa Rica we went to visit  Florablaca, the beautiful resort owned by my friend's parents-in-law Rusty and Susan Carter. My friend Lindsey is also a designer out of Charleston SC and I just adore her line and am so proud of all her accomplishments.   Her label is Troubador...check it out!
Florablanca was just gorgeous and so peaceful.  The pool which Elle is swimming in (those swimmies were off after 5 min..then i had to watch her closely as she frolicked on the steps) was surrounded by a jungle.  We had lunch at Nectar, their restaurant, and went surfing out front.  Next time you are in Mal Pais you have to go and have lunch there- it was by far our best meal out!  i'm salivating just thinking about it......I want to be back there right now! time I'm going to hit the spa too.

ps. notice I put up my daily reads...thank you to all who inspire and make me smile everyday!


  1. You need to design some Marysia Swim swimmies. what a great pic

  2. A few things... Elle is so beautiful. I bet that pool was a sight!
    Just left Troubador's site. Absolutely stunning.
    Lastly, I'm so honored to be featured here among your daily reads.


  3. jason...that's a good idea and I'm on it! Chasity thanks sweet girl! Lindsey has a great line...I'm happy to spread the word:)

  4. That is a great idea... Marysia swimmies. I bet Elle is a great little swimmer;)

  5. Ahhh Elle is too cute for words! Seems like a million years ago we were in baby yoga together.

  6. Rachelle...i know! it's been 4 year + can you believe it?