Thursday, January 20, 2011


Color inspiration continues....I was never on the purple team-always pink.  I remember my mom dressing me in head to toe ballet pink- even the undies:)  I still love tonal outfits...thanks Basia!
The girls, bow tie and perfume are from the cherry bloosom girl
 beau joie champagne found on MaeMae Paperie,     
            Limited edition screenprint, 10 x 8 ($15) by Nick Morley, and rings image from once wed blog.
These are some of my daily reads... clearly all pink lovers:) This print would make a funny v-day gift.
Are you a pink or purple team player?


  1. Love these and the saying! Thats cute.. I used to dress myself in tonal outfits too.... shoes had to match socks,shirt,pants, and hair bow! I like pink and purple.. but not together;)

  2. Oooh my goodness. i love that print!! Too stinking cute.

  3. Both colors are appealing to me. Any hue of red is a natural catalyst for my emotions.

    That said, I'm really lean more toward purple than pink. Pink, while lovely, has irremoveable cultural connotations (e.g., femaleness; femininity) that can create problems. Also, I'm not a fan of how pink has been appropriated by a certain charity for its fundraising symbol; I side with writer Barbara Ehrenreich on that issue.

    Oops... sorry to go off on that sociological tangent. Aesthetically, pink is very nice and certainly suitable for pretty clothing.

  4. I know that print is so funny and cute. Barbara all the high end stores buyers were asking me to do pink and purple together and I just can't do it. They are just going to have to find my new collection color choices their new favorite. I know what you mean Skybiker....but I don't let that stuff get in the way of my love for pink.....i do love all colors in the right tone and composition and i do like lavender now that I'm not 5 anymore:) Thanks for your comments guys!

  5. very cute! i just stumbled upon your blog via look linger love. it is so cute! love your style...