Monday, January 31, 2011

Back into the wild

by Jewell and Ginnie

Last summer Sully Sullivan asked me to send in some swimsuit for a fashion concept photoshoot.  I love the tall man so I scrounged up some suits that I had doubles of and sent to him.  I had no idea this concept he was so excited about would be this AWESOME!!! My CEO/hubby was not too happy with me as we were in the middle of the selling season and needed all our samples but i went with my GUT...ahh I'm so glad I was right!!!  and sent them anyway...sorry Marie Claire I don't have that sample right this minute...SULLY has them:)....good karma baby, good karma will come back to me I hope.
I love everything about this shoot...the photography, video, styling by Mike Grady assisted by Amanda Rhobles, production by Karen Briggs, hair and makeup by Ashley Brook Perryman, models, clothing ( look below), tent and animals!!!
What a great team to pull this off!  GREAT JOB EVERYONE!
and I bet some awesome mag will pick this up and feature it as it's BAD ASS!:)

The story is about two couples who reunite after several years apart. So dreamy...


  1. I absolutely love this photo-shoot! It should definitely be in a magazine and Im not sure why it isn't already. The video is the best!

  2. INCREDIBLE! The video is like icing on the cake. Definitely will be re-blogging that! Not to mention, your suits look beautiful in this shoot! Love, love, love <3

  3. Love it! Sully rocked this one and the video is sooo good. Good intuition on this one Marysia.